Breaking News From The Cleveland Convention

Scott Walker, Fiscally Conservative

Scott Walker, Conservative Role Model

Gov. Scott Walker will speak at Republican National Convention

Swear to blog, Trump really must be desperate for anyone to be a speaker if he invited this ‘Hot Ham’ Walker.

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8 Responses to Breaking News From The Cleveland Convention

  1. honey.badger says:

    And Walker is obviously so desperate for any confirmation he’s not a complete loser, he’s agreed to speak at Trump’s convention. I am sure that will go well.

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  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Maybe he could give the same speech he gave at the Mensa club.

    I correct any earlier statement….This conventions is going to be Fucking Hy-larous-Ly EPIC

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  3. Quick! Someone close the Wisconsin Border!


  4. The entire country will get to enjoy the stupid word-saying of our Dropout Governor. Perhaps he can do a duet with Mooselini….


  5. Wississippi or Fitzwalkerstan pretty much runs itself into the ground these days, so it doesn’t matter if Walker is bothering other people elsewhere.


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