Bad Anwers, Cont.

Bad Tests

By the power invested in me by ‘Grain U, I give Bela her BA in spitballing.

“When the cat’s away, you will pay” is maybe the best answer ever, and takes Bela to the winner’s circle. The whole thing is nothing short of brilliant.

Bela: call me.

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8 Responses to Bad Anwers, Cont.

  1. …although sometimes, it is Fun and Games AFTER Darth Vader comes as well:


  2. Ellis Weiner says:

    Who among us will claim that chickens don’t need privacy?


  3. Ming says:

    Most excellent! Bela you get an A++.


  4. SkinnyDennis says:

    Dammit, I had big plans for those eggs.


  5. That kid is going places. Probably detention. And maybe therapy. She (I assume) will fit right in here!


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