Your Sunday Morning Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served, ¡JEB!

NotChimpy and Chimpy

NotChimpy and Chimpy

And what are the lambs saying, Clarice?

“What I fear is that people, kind of looking down their nose, will say the people that are supporting Donald Trump are a bunch of idiots. They’re not. They’re legitimately scared. They’re fearful. They’re not as optimistic for legitimate reasons and there should be respect for that. And on the other side, a similar respect needs to be shown.”

So ¡JEB!, who made them fearful and not optimistic? Could it be… The Republican Party! And it seems to me that the last few Republicans leading the country were from your family. I would posit that anyone who is scared by an inbred family of morons like yours is pretty stupid.

What a putz.

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2 Responses to Your Sunday Morning Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served, ¡JEB!

  1. roket says:

    They’re legitimately scared of what, prey tell? Transgender bathroom predators? Their own shadow? What?? And why is ¡JEB! on the pander train?


  2. Bruce388 says:

    12 years of Bush presidents, preceded by 8 years of St. Ronnie, will stomp the optimism right out of a person.


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