Inspector Clouseau Is Laughing At James O’Keefe

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James 'Tiny Stinger' O'Keefe

James ‘Tiny Stinger’ O’Keefe

James O’Keefe, Captain Dildo of the USS Dildo sails again:

“Hey, Dana,” a voice began. The caller sounded to her like an older American male. “My name is, uh, Victor Kesh. I’m a Hungarian-American who represents a, uh, foundation . . . that would like to get involved with you and aid what you do in fighting for, um, European values.” He asked Geraghty for the name of someone he could talk to “about supporting you guys and coördinating with you on some of your efforts.” Requesting a callback, he left a phone number with a 914 area code—Westchester County.

She heard a click, a pause, and then a second male voice. The person who had introduced himself as Kesh said, “Don’t say anything . . . before I hang up the phone.”

That piqued my interest,” Geraghty recalls. Other aspects of the message puzzled her: “Who says they’re with a foundation without saying which one? He sounded scattered. And usually people call to get funding, not to offer it.” Victor Kesh, she suspected, was “someone passing as someone else.”

And with that, O‘Keefe did not hang up the phone and like a really bad Super-Villain, explained his plot to his toadies and minions, not realizing that the voice mail was still recording him:

She continued to listen, and the man’s voice suddenly took on a more commanding tone. The caller had failed to hang up, and Kesh, unaware that he was still being recorded, seemed to be conducting a meeting about how to perpetrate an elaborate sting on Soros. “What needs to happen,” he said, is for “someone other than me to make a hundred phone calls like that”—to Soros, to his employees, and to the Democracy Alliance, a club of wealthy liberal political donors that Soros helped to found, which is expected to play a large role in financing this year’s campaigns. Kesh described sending into the Soros offices an “undercover” agent who could “talk the talk” with Open Society executives. Kesh’s goal wasn’t fully spelled out on the recording, but the gist was that an operative posing as a potential donor could penetrate Soros’s operation and make secret videos that exposed embarrassing activities. Soros, he assured the others, has “thousands of organizations” on the left in league with him. Kesh said that the name of his project was Discover the Networks.

“No, Mr. Bond, I plan to kill YOU!”

The accidental recording reached farcical proportions when Kesh announced that he was opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page on his computer. He planned to check her résumé and leverage the information to penetrate the Soros “octopus.” Kesh said, “She’s probably going to call me back, and if she doesn’t I can create other points of entry.” Suddenly, Kesh realized that by opening Geraghty’s LinkedIn page he had accidentally revealed his own LinkedIn identity to her. (LinkedIn can let users see who has looked at their pages.) “Whoa!” an accomplice warned. “Log out!” The men anxiously reassured one another that no one checks their LinkedIn account anyway. “It was a little chilling to hear this group of men talking about me as a ‘point of entry,’ ” Geraghty says. “But—not to sound ageist—it was clear that these people were not used to the technology.”

What is it about O’Keefe that he continues to document himself committing felonies while trying to expose the (allegedly) felonious machinations of the Left? Inspector Clouseau was better at this stuff than he is, and more lovable too. Last word to the New Yorker, then go read the article:

Geraghty forwarded the voice-mail recording to Chris Stone, the president of the Open Society Foundations. “The Watergate burglars look good compared to these guys,” Stone told me last month. “These guys can’t even figure out how to use an Internet browser, let alone conduct an undercover operation. You read the transcript and you can’t help but laugh.” He went on, “But the issues here aren’t funny. There’s some kind of dirty-tricks operation in play against us.”

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10 Responses to Inspector Clouseau Is Laughing At James O’Keefe

  1. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    These clowns got the U.S. Congress to drop funding for an organization that (among other things) registered poor voters. (Also, Our President didn’t lift a finger to help ACORN.)

    This was in September 2009, when the Democrats still had huge majorities in both houses.

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  2. another kiwi says:

    If you’re going to channel a super-villain, don’t pick Richard Nixon.

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  3. roket says:

    Odds are he gets his double naught spy gadgets from the Acme Corporation, also too.

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  4. I like the one where he was crossing back and forth across the Rio Grande dressed like bin Ladin to shw it could be done, while border agents were sitting watching him on cameras and laughing at him.

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  5. Bruce388 says:

    I would suggest O’Keefe watched too many “Get Smart” reruns as a kid, but he’s a long way from smart.

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  6. jamoche2015 says:

    This is why the Leverage writers had to adjust reality – getting a call like that would be a great cold open, but no scriptwriter could get away with the incoherent dialog on that tape.


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