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Trump's GOP

Trump’s GOP

Another Anyone-but-Trump hops into Vulgarmort’s bed, but this one is kinda funny because Birther King Joseph Farrah overcame bither-ism to support Ayatollah Ted only a couple of weeks ago, much to the dismay of World Nut Daily readers:

I’m not anti-Donald Trump. I never have been. I think he has had, in many ways, a positive impact on the 2016 presidential race – raising important issues and forcing the media to deal with them.

When he is the Republican presidential nominee, I will in all likelihood vote for him.

But I have to ask the question: Has Trump lost his mind?

One wonders: pretzels. How do they work?

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  1. roket says:

    I bet the list of things he was against before he was for them is a mighty fine list indeed. And very long, also too.


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