Maybe McRory Won’t Be Able To Pee There, Either

Gov. McRory is proud of this ad showing a predator entering a bathroom.

Gov. McRory is proud of this ad showing a predator entering a bathroom.

Sounds like we will soon say goodbye to the crazeee state of North Carolina’s Gov. McRory:

We have two new polls, and they both show North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory trailing Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper. The most eye-popping result comes from the Republican pollster National Research on behalf of the conservative Civitas Institute, and they have Cooper destroying the governor 46-36. A new firm called RABA Research, which is run by Republican operative Tim Albrecht and Democrat Brad Anderson (who lost a tight 2014 general election for Iowa secretary of state), has Cooper up by a smaller 41-36.

Three other pollsters have released numbers since McCrory signed HB2, the notorious anti-LGBT that has led several businesses to cancel planned expansions into North Carolina. PPP showed Cooper up just 43-42, while SurveyUSA and Elon University had him leading 47-43 and 48-42 respectively. We still have relatively little data, but at least for now, RABA seems closer to the consensus than National Research.

Sounds like the citizens of North Carolina don’t cotton to having the governor wedge them against each other, maybe? Or maybe they don’t like that he is cratering the local economy for the sake of the pinch-faced theocrats and other public busy-bodies?

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6 Responses to Maybe McRory Won’t Be Able To Pee There, Either

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    People want a governor who solves real problems, not fake ones.


  2. another kiwi says:

    Leaving behind the smoking ruins he made the Republican guvnor moves on to his Washington lobbyist job.


  3. Whale Chowder says:

    I hold no hope for the state of North Carolina until they change their legislature. The governor didn’t write that shit bill.


    • Pupienus Maximus says:

      Hey WC! Long time no see.

      PM, formerly PeeJ


    • pwarten says:

      true. but kicking the governor out will make it harder for the state lege to pull this sh-t again. Still, the NC voters need to turn up in droves for the Democratic challengers at the state level. The Dems BETTER HAVE candidates in as many districts as possible to make this happen.

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