Soylent Green Is People! And So Are Workers!

I mention Soylent Green only because the American Enterprise Institute is arguing against the $15 minimum wage by offensively comparing working people to packages of ground meat:

“Suppose that hamburger sells for $4 per pound and sirloin steak sells for $8 per pound. Hamburger is a much lower quality variety of beef compared to sirloin steak, but can attract a significant number of buyers who choose hamburger over the higher quality option for the 50% savings in price. Likewise, many employers may choose lower quality, unskilled workers over higher skilled employees for the significant savings in labor costs.”

You cannot make this shit up. AEI sees people as commodity beef. Do continue:

But now suppose the government imposes a “$8 per pound minimum beef price law.” In that case, most shoppers who buy beef will then purchase more sirloin steak and less hamburger because the lower quality meat has lost it main weapon to successfully compete against higher quality sirloin steak – a significantly lower price that compensates for the lower quality. Result? Hamburger sales will suffer due to the “minimum beef price law” and sirloin steak sales will increase. Just like in the labor market, a $15 an hour minimum wage will remove the most effective weapon that unskilled workers currently have to compete against skilled workers – the ability to work for a lower wage. Result? Employment opportunities for unskilled and limited-experience workers will contract, while employment opportunities for skilled workers will increase.

AEI economist Professor Mark Perry, when you are arguing that the poor make too much money (and that’s essentially what you are saying), I have a modest proposal: don’t compare workers to ground meat when Soylent Green is the better analog. I might also suggest that there is a difference between the workers at the burger joint and the burger itself: the beef cannot unionize, or negotiate a higher wage, you stupid twat.

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11 Responses to Soylent Green Is People! And So Are Workers!

  1. MADVargr says:

    “there is a difference between the workers at the burger joint and the burger itself: the beef cannot unionize, or negotiate a higher wage, you stupid twat”
    In most states where AEI reigns supreme, this isn’t remotely true. Also note the ever increasing amount of ground beef from third world countries entering the USA thanks to our glorious trade laws.


  2. That dude has never been in retail has he? If the minimum price of beef is 8 bucks, that 8 buck serlion is gonna cost you 18 to 21 bucks, but Soylent Green will stay at 15 bucks a gallon, because there is an endless supply of right wing economist.


  3. C. Montgomery Burns says:

    Your meat sells for $8 a pop, OK.
    Your stock sells for 124 bucks a share and some rube buys 15 shares, now you have profit and a headache because people say stooped shit just to rationalize that they want workers to stay poor and in debt and are afraid to use the bathroom because they’ll see some dudes wiener.
    Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.


  4. vonbeavis says:

    The last three words of this post compelled me to “like” it. Simple and to the point, Tengrain.


  5. Osirisopto says:

    In the alternate reality that is the AEI a rising tide sinks all boats.

    I’d ask for God to help us but he’s too busy hitting on Iron, the goddess of irony.


  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The real, unspoken issue here is that he wants the skilled workers to make less money in a race to the bottom in which the unskilled labor is indentured, if not enslaved.

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    • grs says:

      This. If skilled workers were paid more, then AEI’s analogy would be fitting. Corporations are against raising unskilled wages and for lowering skilled wages. AEI wants hamburger to be $1.00 and sirloin to be $2.00.


  7. roket says:

    We are all hamburger now.


  8. RWW says:

    They always justify the low wage by saying it is for low or no skill labor, but the reality is the PROFIT made from the low/no skill labor is many times greater. Walmart, McD…etc are the biggest and most profitable corporations around and they make that off the low skilled labor they do nothing but denigrate.


    • tengrain says:

      …and that we subsidize: they give their employees the forms for public assistance when they hire them, so you and I are subsidizing the Walton Family.




  9. “you stupid twat.”

    To purloin an old joke, he doesn’t have the depth or the warmth….


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