Alabama’s War on Women, Cont.

The right to life ends at birth.

The right to life ends at birth.

As Gawd is my waitress, this really happened:

A proposed Alabama constitutional amendment would legally define a fetus as a person from the moment of fertilization, effectively banning abortion in the state.

…Dr. Jim Belyeu, an OB/GYN who spoke in support of the bill, called a fetus “totally separate” from the mother.

“The mother only contributes the egg and the incubator,” Belyeu said.

So when an Alien-style face-sucker plants one in you, don’t expect Ripley to come save you.

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11 Responses to Alabama’s War on Women, Cont.

  1. Nora Daly says:

    When men can get pregnant, then they get to speak about it. Until then, ZIP it.


    • tengrain says:

      Bravo, Nora! And I might add, when men get pregnant, male birth control pills will be sold in gumball machines (5 for a quarter!) and be bacon flavored.




    • Plummet says:

      If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.


  2. Ole Phat Stu says:

    So, how do they register to vote? And how vote?


  3. Ming says:

    Dr. Jim Belyeu, an OB/GYN who spoke in support of the bill, called a fetus “totally separate” from the mother.

    In other words…Who are you going believe, me or your own lying eyes?

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    • I’m left wondering what trail of horrific medical malpractice this joker has left in his wake…

      Also, I will bet one millyun quatloos that Doc Jim believes that welfare is a scam and that Obummercare is just like slavery.


  4. eVilleMike says:

    I wonder when we can expect the Press Poodles to ask one or two questions:
    1) When exactly is “the moment of conception”? And whose definition are we enshrining in the law?
    2) What law enforcement resources do you intend to commit to this? And what exactly is a citizen’s responsibility when it comes to suspicious behavior on the part of a sexually active woman of child-bearing age?

    Also too – when do we wise up and recognize this crap as a complete dodge, making it possible for these (mostly) GOP jagoffs to distract us all from the fact that they’re trying to privatize everything, selling it all to the highest bidder, and dragging this whole joint back to a 21st century version of an 18th century aristocracy?


  5. So if the fetus fails to attach to the placenta, will the incubator be charged with manslaughter or negligent homicide?


  6. Bruce388 says:

    Small gummint conservatives piss me off.


  7. Marco says:

    When Alabama executes one then I’ll consider a fetus a person.


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