What’s In A Name?

Fox News InfromedHey Scissorheads, it’s come to my attention that maybe some of our betters agree with us, but their terminology is different:

For social conservatives, they want local control of schools and the right to discriminate. Fiscal conservatives want lower taxes and less intrusive regulations. Military hawks want money spent on military hardware, not school lunches and addiction recovery programs.

It’s interesting to me because we broke Wingnuttia into subgroups, too. Booman merges our religious subgroup Y’all Qaeda with the racist subgroup The New Confederacy; I still think these are separate groups as the northern states Evangelicals are not as reflexively racist as the Southern branch. However, I do think he’s right about the other groups. We merged the Chicken Hawks with the Banksters, and I think his point that they are separate is probably good. Ol’ Carl Linnaeus is probably smiling upon us.

So for shits and giggles, let us now declare using binomial nomenclature the following:

  • Wingnuttia evangelical var. ‘Y’all Qaeda’ Issues: Jeebus, lady-parts usage, the ‘mos, evolution
  • Wingnuttia racist var. ‘New Confederacy’ Issues: White Power
  • Wingnuttia money var. ‘Bankster Bastards’ Issues: Money, Trade, De-Regulation, Tax Cuts
  • Wingnuttia hawk var ‘Chicken Hawk’ Issues: Bomb everywhere

These are the four known species of the genus Wingnuttia… so far.

Anyway, Booman says that it is not the GOP that is breaking apart (it will survive), it is the Conservative Movement that is shattering as these four subspecies are all fighting amongst themselves for their issues’ dominance. They no longer have a common message, which (if I am reading Booman correctly) also indicates a problem for Fox News.

So all around a good day for us!

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7 Responses to What’s In A Name?

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    This is great news for Lincoln Chafee.


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Ya know, conservatives like to talk about a three-legged ‘Conservative Stool’ (traditional faith, free markets, strong defense)… back in 2012, Rick Santorum was fond of talking about the ‘conservative stool’, something I found inordinately hilarious.

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  3. Jeff Olson says:

    Wingnuttia Ammosexual var: “Don’ tek mah gu-uns” Like all of the others, they intersect in a frightening Venn Diagram. I am beset by nervous tics as I write this, but there are ‘otherwise sane’ people who believe that their personal, well-polished arsenals are their last defense against ‘x.’ And, that Obummer is on his way to tek them.


    • Ming says:

      Agree, Ammosexuals/Freepers do seem to be their own sub-species. They tend to strongly overlap ‘Y’all Qaeda’, racist, and Chicken Hawk variants, but have different primary motivation.


    • tengrain says:

      I think that the Ammosexuals mostly fall into The New Confederacy.

      The one thread (I think, anyway) that connects the groups is The Supreme Court. Maybe not the Chicken Hawks as much, but definitely the others.




  4. Just keep the ammosexuals out of my bathroom, ok?


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