WI: Get Out… the vote

Rat-Effing for fun and profit

"Mine is this long."

“Mine is this long.”

Noted wall-eyed git, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, hot ham aficionado extraordinaire, hired by the Koch Brothers to further enrich their midwestern fortune, really wants to make voting easier. He signed a bill into law that makes online voter registration legal. However, as part of that, it makes community voter registration drives impossible:

Lawmakers justified the provision by claiming that online voter registration would make community registration drives unnecessary because anyone will be able to promote voter registration by directing people to online registration. However, the online system will require a driver’s license or state-issued identification card number. Local and national groups, including Project Vote, joined together to show lawmakers that the proposed online registration system would not be available to all eligible electors,disproportionately impacting students, veterans, older individuals, low-income people and people of color. We explained that it is community registration drives that often register the very people unable to use online registration.

And there is a very useful, and telling comment, at the end of the article:

There are two more harmful provisions that will result in more rejected absentee ballots. One provision will force rejection of absentee ballots if the witness’ address is missing. No valid reason was given for this change.

Another provision concerns the due date for absentee ballots. Currently, ballots are counted as long as they are postmarked by Election Day and arrive by the Friday after the election. This is particularly important for special elections or spring elections, where there is a short period between the primary election and the final election. Under the new law, absentee ballots will be rejected if they arrive after Election Day. More voters will be disenfranchised due to postal delays.

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