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The right to life ends at birth.

The right to life ends at birth.

Hey guys, remember that time Indiana Gov. Pence, a man so dense it is rumored that he might have termites, signed a We Don’t Serve Your Kind bill into law in that state and pretty much sank the economy for the right of theocrats to look down upon the ‘mos?

He’s giving them a consolation prize!

Indiana HB 1337 is poised for Pence’s signature, and along with pretty much outlawing abortion in his state it also goes into strange, new, dangerous territory. Let’s look at some of the reactions!

  • The Indiana lawmakers voted last week to send Gov. Mike Pence legislation that would ban abortions sought because a fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome or another disability.
  • Yet another garbage abortion bill has been passed, this time in Indiana ” ‘Any other disability’ is a broad spectrum that might force a woman to bring a baby to term who won’t survive long past birth, potentially in great suffering, even if the pregnancy is high risk for the mother.”
  • While America is distracted by the Trump freakshow, Indiana just passed one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the nation “It’s about Republican men asserting control over the bodies of women — scolding and intimidating them by proxy, while also rubbing women’s noses in their own alleged participation in infanticide… First and foremost, HB 1337 requires that women who undergo the procedure must also pay for — get this — the burial or cremation of the fetus. It goes without saying that the law adds an additional financial disincentive to having an abortion, in this case additional expenses that could easily make it monetarily prohibitive to terminate a pregnancy. There’s also the macabre notion of paying for a mini-funeral for what amounts to, in most cases, a microscopic clump of undifferentiated cells. This raises an interesting thought: Given that sperm constitutes half the genetic material of human life, should legislators also require half-funerals every time men in Indiana have orgasms? Of course that’ll never happen because laws like HB 1337 are as much about oppressing women as they are about rescuing every zygote.
  • Even Republicans Disagree With Indiana’s Extreme New Abortion Bill “The bill would likely cause more clinics to close with its requirement that abortion providers obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals; this formality has shuttered clinics across Texas, among other states, since hospitals are usually reticent about granting privileges to anyone who performs the controversial procedure.”
  • Oh, good, an outrageous abortion bill just passed in Indiana “But because women’s bodies aren’t fetal Airbnbs and abortion is a medical procedure, you actually can’t separate bills like HB 1337 from women’s health.”

Of course he’ll sign it. You know he will.

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  1. another kiwi says:

    Is this the one where Mothers will get charged for burials? Y’all Queda make me feel ill.


  2. lisahgolden says:

    Indiana. Where we think more of basketball than we do of women.

    As you might imagine, now that I’m living back here in the state of my birth (ahem), I find myself near fisticuffs anytime I’m out in public and encounter yet another person I grew up with who got reduced lunches and government cheese when we were kids but can’t vote Republican enough now.

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