How Much For That Theocrat In The Window?

Jeebus weeps

Jeebus weeps

A Wendy’s cheeseburger is the going rate to buy Jerry Falwell Jr.:

Falwell said he was impressed by Trump’s hospitality on the flight.

“He offered us food, … so he brought out Wendy’s cheeseburgers,” Falwell said. “He ate cheeseburgers, and we ate cheeseburgers. Then he put on a concert. He found out that when I grew up in the 70s, I was an Elton John fan. So, he put the concert on the big screen. He was doing it all himself. He was the one serving the food. He was the one waiting on us. I thought it would be like caviar and something fancy, but it was cheeseburgers — Wendy’s cheeseburgers.”

Which then led to that mendacious turd saying:

“It is sad to see Christians attacking other Christians because they don’t support the same candidate or the candidate who they believe is the most righteous,” Falwell said.

“God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer,” Falwell said. “You have to choose the leader that would make the best king or president and not necessarily someone who would be a good pastor. We’re not voting for pastor-in-chief. It means sometimes we have to choose a person who has the qualities to lead and who can protect our country and bring us back to economic vitality, and it might not be the person we call when we need somebody to give us spiritual counsel.”

Musta been a great burger. I forgot about the Sermon on the Sesame Seed Bun.

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6 Responses to How Much For That Theocrat In The Window?

  1. moeman says:

    I’m lovin’ it!™


  2. HarpoSnarx says:

    What a maroon. Tier 4 hospitality and he’s about to have a Goopergasm. Oh and Elton John? Won’t the Holy Flock become suspicious?


  3. Not even a Trump Steak? Jerry Jr. is a cheap date.


  4. A.J. says:

    “God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer.”

    You didn’t say that about Clinton, did you? Was Clinton “a man after God’s own heart”, too?


    • Bruce388 says:

      I haven’t heard anything about Der Donald murdering anyone (yet) but he has the adultery part down cold.


  5. roket says:

    Wendy’s Cheeseburgers. Your ticket to heaven.


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