¡JEB! The Smartest Bush® Blames Flint Poisoning on Too Much Regulation

“Oh, if only we lived in an unregulated, Libertarian Paradise, Snyder’s plan would have come off without a hitch,” ¡JEB! didn’t say.

I think we now have the meme all of Y’all Qaeda will be using to deflect the blame from themselves to the EPA.

Since their constituents want to pollute freely, I think the best counter-argument is going to be that the water was too polluted for GM to use. Do it for the plutocrats, ¡JEB! Who cries for them?

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13 Responses to ¡JEB! The Smartest Bush® Blames Flint Poisoning on Too Much Regulation

  1. roket says:

    Everyone is doing a heck of a job all over the damn place.

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  2. Bruce388 says:

    ¡Jeb! admires the Governor for taking responsibility. Unlike a dim older brother who hollered, “Bad intelligence!”

    The bottom line here: Brain damage leads to Republican voters.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Hey, now, Jeb’s been drinking lead-tainted water all his life, and look how far he’s gotten.

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  4. I think the important news is he took off his glasses. I’ve seen that movie. Voters are expected to say hey, I thought you were some kind of intellectual, but now I realize you’re cute!


  5. Steve-O says:

    Don’t they know that if they kill the poor and uneducated, they lose their base?


  6. Gerald says:

    Well …in the beginning of this Bushie’s quest for POTUS we though he’d LOST his mind … we now know the sad truth … he is OUT of his freakin’ mind!!!!

    THE brother of the infamous “Katrina response” THINKS the the guy who for TWO years poisoned an American city of 100,000 US citizens, a majority of which are African- AMERICAN is doing a good job … well ..what else can one say but …”HE IS OUT OF HIS FREAKIN’ MIND!”

    Yet ANOTHER stellar example of GOP/Republican governance in 21st Century America!

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    • tengrain says:

      Your lips to Gawd’s ear, Gerald.

      But YOU will be preznint before ¡JEB! will be, so we got that workin’ for us.




  7. McDee says:

    If we keep electing people who hate the government and don’t want it to work we’ll get government that doesn’t work. Duh!


  8. maybe he should ask his mommy to visit all the kids in the hospital — after all it all worked so well in the astrodome


  9. Pupienus Maximus says:

    So…. When the regulations say you have a plan to treat drinking water properly so that it isn’t poisonous, and that you have to actually, y’know, implement it, and that you have to test the water in a certain prescribed fashion to ensure that you aren’t in fact actually poisoning people, et fucking cetera et fucking cetera et fucking cetera, and the reason people are poisoned is because those regulations were NOT adhered to (in fact they were illegally disregarded and what’s more the people who flaunted them LIED about whether they were in fact adhering to them), the problem is too much regulation. I see.

    Get that fucking smirk off your desiccated dead face, Orwell.

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  10. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Maybe when the folks of Michigan emptied the bottles of the all the newly imported water, they could fill them with the over regulated stuff and send it to Jeb!! and his family.


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