Fashion Week Continues, Marco Rubio! (UPDATED!)

I’m not making this up: there is a profile of Marco Rubio’s kicks at NY Mag:

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and One Direction bandmember Harry Styles have something in common. Well, two things, actually: an appreciation for the 1D song “What Makes You Beautiful,” and a love of heeled booties.

With a lede like that, how can I resist?

UPDATE 1: Vanity Fair takes the bait:

On Monday, New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro’s eye was drawn to a stunning pair of heels on an equally stunning, if somewhat short, set of legs…Ignoring the entire upper half of Sen. Marco Rubio’s body, clad in what appears to be an ill-fitting Ralph Lauren Polo pullover (regular price $165, now on sale at Macy’s for $64.99), Rubio’s statement footwear jumps out for several reasons. First, people under 5-foot-10 (Rubio’s height) rarely become president. Second, they have a certain panache unseen in a campaign season that is, despite its unusually crowded nature and anti-establishment fury, still kind of frumpy.

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6 Responses to Fashion Week Continues, Marco Rubio! (UPDATED!)

  1. roket says:

    Marco should be very cautious as to the height of the heels he wears.


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Drug Lord Chic.
    Hum…Where did he get the Americanos for them?


  3. purplehead says:

    Hnhg. Back in the day we called things like those winkle pickers. Don’t know where that came from, though.


  4. Pissed in NYC says:

    So Rubio is wearing lifts, right? I swear, the fucking media drive me crazy even when I ignore them.


  5. Pissed in NYC says:

    And thanks for the Dawn Davenport xmas scene from “Female Trouble.” That was my uncle’s favorit John Water’s film (I was partial to “Desperate Living”).


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