Marco Rubio is No Sonny Crockett

Like Taking Columbian Nose Candy Off A Baby

He needs a hat.

He needs a hat.

The WaPo has a really well-researched piece up on Marco Rubio and his ex-con brother-in-law, with the unfortunate, down-played headline of How Rubio helped his ex-con brother-in-law acquire a real estate license.

Now, being a bleeding heart liberal,

I do believe that once you’ve done your time, you’ve paid your debt to society and you get a clean slate and a chance to start over, and I applaud people who do. I also feel that the War on Drugs is pointless, and we’ve locked-up and ruined the lives of countless people, mostly for addictions. And so I didn’t bother reading the WaPo article until I read Booman this morning, who takes it apart in his usual style.

The ex-con brother-in-law is not just some petty criminal, but a real Miami Vice-style drug lord. He didn’t just peddle some weed, he sold huge volumes of cocaine, and the gang he ran offed peopled, chopped them up with a chainsaw and burned the remains.

There’s also the matter of $15 million that was never recovered.

This is a big deal. Marco Rubio wasn’t just helping his ex-con brother-in-law, he was using his office to help a murdering drug lord, and he never revealed the family connection when he assisted his brother-in-law. This is a question of judgement as well as of family loyalty (which I understand), but also deliberate deception. I really don’t think this is the kind of nepotism that can be winked and nudged away.

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6 Responses to Marco Rubio is No Sonny Crockett

  1. Apacapacas says:

    Besides which, sex offenders can’t be rehabilitated. Cocaine users can quit their habit, but they’re addictive personalities and will find something else to be addicted to – or go back to cocaine. I’m not sure what trouble a sex offending addict can cause while being a real estate agent (broker?), but I bet it’s not inconsequential.

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    • tengrain says:

      Sex offenders are marked for life and have to register that they were convicted of those crimes. No other category of crime has that penalty.

      True story: one of my high-school classmates streaked (a football game, I think?), was caught, and unbelievalby was convicted of a sex crime. He’s gone his entire adult life with that hanging over his head, and has had the diminished success one might expect when an employer does a background check.




  2. w3ski4me says:

    The rethugs are in a feeding frenzy right now. Seeing their craziest thoughts in the campaign promises of this crop. In the proper setting any one of them could eat a live kitten and get away with it. In a saner time, Rubio’s dealing would be national news. Imagine if they could tie something like that to President Obama?


  3. Osirisopto says:

    So Rubio really is qualified to to be the republican nominee? And here I thought he was just a token Latino.


  4. ebonkrieg says:

    I am not behind the family thing.


  5. Bruce388 says:

    The theme from “Miami Vice” is now stuck in my skull.


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