Terrible Human is Terrible

Ted Cruz 2012

So when word got out that the Pride of Canada, Ted Cruz is telling donors in NY that he’s not really that hardcore against the ‘mos, Mike ‘Uncle Sugar’ Huckabee went Biblical on him:

…without naming him:

…which might seem like hypocrisy:

Gomer, while you make a valid point for consistency, I find your lack of empathy for the people you DO NOT LIKE to be disturbing. That you would base your entire campaign on hate (whether it is hating the ‘mos, women, minorities, gender identity…), but to call another candidate out because you don’t think he hates the same people as much as you do is not a winning strategy.

You’re a terrible human being, Huck. Just awful to the core.

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7 Responses to Terrible Human is Terrible

  1. roket says:

    Trump/Huckabee 2016?


  2. bearsense says:

    At least Huckles is consistent. He says stupid things on any subject, anywhere.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Shouldn’t candidates for President avoid making infomercials for fake diabetes cures?


    • Osirisopto says:

      Yes, but Gomer isn’t a candidate for president. He’s on a book tour and needs publicity. Attacking Cruz is not as messy or dangerous as biting the head off a live bat on stage.


  4. S'toon says:

    Hey! Just because Cruz was born in Canada doesn’t make him “the Pride of Canada.”

    We loathe him and abhor everything he stands for. He’s truly un-Canadian.


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