Let’s Talk About The Weather With Ted Cruz!

Lick a finger and stick it up…

This is like watching two not-very-bright toddlers babble at each other on a play date.

Also/too: Cruz’s voice just makes me cringe.

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7 Responses to Let’s Talk About The Weather With Ted Cruz!

  1. roket says:

    This is why it’s a waste of time to argue with a conservative. They keep changing the meaning of words, sometimes in the same sentence.


  2. MDavis says:

    The poor guy Cruz was questioning had a hard time keeping up with Cruz’s Gish Gallop, I am guessing. And this he interprets as the guy didn’t know his facts.
    Just guessing, though.


  3. Perturbation says:

    But what’s wrong with religion? Cruz claims to be a religious man. Oh, the problem with climate change is that environmentalists have picked the WRONG religion, picked the wrong authorities to tell them how and what to think. This is the only way religious conservatives can imagine deciding what to think and do, so they can’t conceive that anyone who thinks differently from them came by it except by falling prey to one of those false authorities who are constantly preying on the religious. It’s projection at its most child-like and genuine.


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