And Now, A Tip For Our Readers

teabagging for jeebus

Top of the Libertarian 2008 ticket and fanboy of Ayn Rand (the Patron Saint of People Who Proudly Don’t Tip), Fox News personality Wayne Allyn Root is a little tightly wound (SPROING!), and he tells us about what makes America great…

So let’s summarize, shall we?

Ugly American goes abroad makes unreasonable demands at a British restaurant with a French waiter (go figure), and that’s why servers in America shouldn’t have a living wage. Because tipping your waiter makes America Great.

For those of you playing at home, this is the same Wayne Allyn Root who says that he wants to be the Turdblosson to short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump’s Chimpy McStagger.

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7 Responses to And Now, A Tip For Our Readers

  1. That’s so great, you know, how it works in our liberty-loving society that we have people who feel the need to have other people pretend to be their servants, and bow and scrape and gratify their whims on a base pay of $4.94 an hour so W.A.R. can be a Big Man; while in corrupt, decadent, aristocrat-riddled Old Europe there are people willing to treat the waitstaff as social equals and pay a service charge on the check. Just fuck that guy, I’m serious.


  2. Osirisopto says:

    I’m sure he gets served something really special every time he goes out to dinner.

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  3. evillemike says:

    I think the guy actually just said that what makes this country great is when over-privileged entitled Americans go to other countries and behave like total assholes in restaurants. I just hate finding out I’ve been doing it all wrong.


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