Not Jade Helm 15, But Still Texas

By now, everyone’s already heard about Ahmed Mohamad, the over-achieving science-loving kid in Texas who was arrested after trying to impress his teachers by showing them one of his home-made inventions, a clock. A clock that they thought was a bomb.

Have we gotten so panicked and so inured to racial profiling that a smart kid in a NASA shirt could be arrested for nothing more than being a Muslim in Texas?

Saying that they mistook the clock for a bomb is just weasel-words for saying they mistook the kid for a bomb-thrower.

We note that Ahmed has also been suspended from his Texas school.

“Sweet Jeebus,” the math teacher did not say, “the kid was sayin’ somethin’ about lovin’ Al-Gebra!”

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18 Responses to Not Jade Helm 15, But Still Texas

  1. zorbear says:

    yes. yes we have…


  2. grs says:

    They were so worried it was bomb that the police and school staff all sat around with the clock and kid while no one bothered to evacuate the school or call the bomb squad.

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  3. Leaflet the entire state:

    “Anyone choosing to join the human race get out by Sept. 30. There will be a test at the border.”

    Then, bombs. A-10 Warthogs. Cruise missiles. Tac-nukes. Turn the wasteland TO GLASS and then salt it.

    And kid, grab your family and get your ass up to Minnesota. I’ll help.


  4. witsended says:

    The kid is guilty and part of an Islamic sleeper cell controlled by Obama.
    Or maybe Obama is doing it to take the piss out of the Texan pussies.


  5. Gen Robert Elitist says:

    Sure, a NASA t shirt. Probably stands for Nihalte America Says Allah! Notice he was targeting the English teacher too, trying to bring down or national language. I also want to point out that the only reason that Jade Helm was such a non event was because our brave people in the 83rd Keyboarne Division of the Ya’ll Queda were able to get the word out in time to warn the good people of Texas. Just because the mainstream media refused to report on all the skirmishes when they came to take our guns away doesn’t mean they didn’t happen moran.


    • tengrain says:

      Gen – Welcome to MPS, it is good to have you with us, though I think you’ve been here before. Anyway, brilliant parody! Laughed out loud, which is hard for a sheeple to do.




  6. roket says:

    Thanks Obama. Recently there was a cop killing on I-24 in Lyon County, KY. An acquaintance of mine posted on his Face Palm page that shit like that never happened before the Kenyan Usurper was elected. Same applies here. According to reliable sources, one conservative said “Kids never acted this way until Obama got elected”.


  7. Knowdoubt says:

    Ignorance has become something to be aspired to, making smart -damn dangerous.


  8. Bisham says:

    Right, a clock….ya know there’s a reason its called a “ticking” “time” bomb. Torture was their only real option here, to get the disabling code out of him (and the names of the Iranians he got the nuclear-grade Uranium from). Fortunately for Irving, the bomb was defective and he wasn’t so smart afterall.


  9. Osisirsopto says:

    Apparently there are two kinds of brown these days. One makes RWNJs pee in their pants and the other is hated and reviled for mowing the lawns, washing the dishes and caring for the kids of the rich people on the other side of town.

    Ahmed Mohamad should enjoy his trip to the White House and grow up to be head of NASA, or president of a successful high tech firm. But he and his family really should consider moving north of the 36th parallel. It’s safer for them up here.

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  10. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Have we gotten so panicked and so inured to racial profiling that a smart kid in a NASA shirt could be arrested for nothing more than being a Muslim in Texas?

    I suspect he was arrested for nothing more than being a smart kid in a NASA shirt in Texas.

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  11. Pissed in NYC says:

    I hope the family moves somewhere less fucking backward, and then the school district can see the collective gpa fall. Actually, if this kid gets some damages from the school district and the ability to go to a real school, that would be swell. And a full scholarship to college of choice. Just to rub it in.


  12. Bruce388 says:

    This was the last spasm of the Jade 15 attempt to establish Sharia law.


  13. Jado says:

    “Listen, young feller. We know you ain’t heered of Jaysus in that rat-infested hovel yer parents got you livin in, but round these here parts a brown kid don’t go round making things what got wires an’ them compooter things in it. That’s jes’ plain common sense, an it’s obvious you ain’t got none. So, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna call this here clock-thing a bomb, we’re gonna slap cuffs on ya, an frog-march yore skinny brown ass outen the front door, in front of all yore classmates, so they KNOW not to hang around with little A-Rab shits like you.

    That’ll keep ’em God-fearing an White-thinkin.”

    Not a direct quote form the ID of the Irving Police Chief


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