“Some Say,” Some Said (part infinity)

The Death of the Media

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And here we go again, another breathless Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) unsourced and unattributed article, this time mostly devoted to Hillary Clinton.

The gist of the article is that HRC can and will win the nomination because she has great infrastructure. It then goes on to discuss short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump and concludes with a mixed grill of the rest of the Konservative Klown Kar.

Also new to their format, they discuss polling results without linking to the poll or mentioning it by name. There might be multiple polls, who knows?

As is our custom, we list the sources:

  • said an uncommitted New Hampshire Democrat
  • a New Hampshire Democrat said
  • cautioned another Granite State Democrat
  • an uncommitted Iowa Democrat said
  • Democratic insiders suggested
  • an Iowa Democrat said
  • said one Granite State Democrat
  • Added an Iowa Democrat
  • A New Hampshire Democrat who said
  • a New Hampshire Republican said of Trump
  • noted a New Hampshire Republican
  • Added another Granite State Republican
  • An Iowa Republican attributed
  • the Iowa insider said
  • according to the bulk of insiders on both sides of the aisle
  • an unaligned Granite State Republican said
  • A New Hampshire Democrat, one of the 40 percent of Democrats who named Bush, added
  • said one Iowa Republican
  • said another Hawkeye State Republican
  • Said a third Iowa Republican
  • Equal numbers of Iowa and New Hampshire Republicans said
  • a Granite State Republican said
  • Agreed another New Hampshire Republican
  • cautioned several insiders
  • a New Hampshire Republican said

And our conclusion: unless someone is willing to go on record, this is just gossip, and not even as well-sourced as the stuff in the hallways of middle schools—snotty pubescent teens at least have the guts to say, “Susie says…”

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4 Responses to “Some Say,” Some Said (part infinity)

  1. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Congrats to Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

    It can happen here? Sanders2016!


  2. roket says:

    That’s odd. My mother’s beautician’s cousins sister-in-law agrees with their conjecture. Or so I hear.


  3. A.J. says:

    My fav:

    “…according to the bulk of insiders on both sides of the aisle.”

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Unknown and ‘both sides’ and in bulk at that. Hard to beat that one!

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  4. Jado says:

    “…unless someone is willing to go on record, this is just gossip…”


    THIS will sell. WHO CARES if the public depends on the media to inform them of the issues? There are corporate profits at stake, man!!


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