Wingnuts Taste The Rainbow

Tiny Ben plays a tiny violin.

Tiny Ben plays a tiny violin.

Tiny terror Ben Shapiro, official rope-puller of the Breitbart Belfry for the Criminally Stupid went on a Twitter binge last night trying to find analogies to the demand to remove the Confederate Flag from, well, everywhere, and decided that the Rainbow Flag was the best target. This  tweet was my favorite:

Another wingnut suggested that crosswalks should be filled with Xristian crosses to show religious freedom. Yes, they are that smart. Last time I checked there were 4,000+ religions in the world, but it is rare that you will find an intersection that could hold that many (plus a blank cross walk for the non-religious).

(FYI, the Seattle cross walks are real, and close by in my neighborhood of Capitol Hill. )

But Shapiro was not alone, he was joined by Breitbart writer John Nolte:

…who then decides to expand on his premise (fair warning! The link goes to Breitbart):

“Under the banner of what is dishonestly called a gay pride or gay ‘rights’ flag, hate, fascism, and intolerance has festered for years, specifically against Christians and conservatives. Under the auspices of a ‘rights and equality’ symbol, Leftists have been on a rampage to take way the rights of others through bullying, lies, and online terrorism.”

“…Under the banner of what is dishonestly called a gay pride or gay “rights” flag, hate, fascism, and intolerance has festered for years, specifically against Christians and conservatives.”

Which is of course patently untrue. Please show us any government building that flies a Pride Flag 365 days a year. I can point to the state capitols of the old Confederacy and point to the rebel flag flying every day. I can also point to the statutes in those states requiring the Confederate Flag be flown.

I know I’m always returning to the ür-text of Both-Sides, but this is just lame attempt to try to diffuse the immense unpopularity of the far right for defending The Confederacy. While one flag is about a political system of literal human bondage and oppression, the other flag is a symbol of human freedom and liberation. These are quite literally not equal symbols in practice or intent.

Oh, PS: the story at Breitbart has over 6,000 comments. Sweet Jeebus!

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9 Responses to Wingnuts Taste The Rainbow

  1. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:



  2. roket says:

    This is definitely #1 in the grabbing at straws category.

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  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    Shorter Dolte:
    My mismemes need scarier adjectives!


  4. M. Bouffant says:

    Last pathetic gasps.


  5. MDavis says:

    Had to go look for the comments (my impulse control is questionable before my first cuppa) and counted 15 comments to get three amazingly ridiculous statements/ideas (RIs) and a comment deleted for saying, apparently, that someone on that site is batshit.

    RI the first – The pope must be gay. Why else would he take up for gay people? (I guess the pope is also poor and sick, he say those people also should not get beat up)
    RI the second – Children of Gays is a thing now, including children of homosexual couplings – I guess they either don’t get biology or don’t get how English works.
    RI the third – We need to pass religious freedom laws because the constitution isn’t being interpreted to these idiots liking, I guess?
    Also, the rainbow flag is being flown over military bases (no support for this statement, it’s just offensive – but then I didn’t read the article so it might be “supported” in there)

    Also, too, O’riley (sic) apparently mad a comment a few years back about not having a problem with gay people having children so he is waaaay to liberal now.
    There are more comments now, so we’ll hit 7,000 comments before lunch.

    Man, these people fit a lot of stupid and crazy into a small area. If we could harness that for energy production, that comment thread alone could supply the power needs of a house for the full day.

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    • tengrain says:

      MDavis – You are a better man than I Gunga-Din. I only read the first handful and my brain shut down.




  6. Frank McCormick says:

    I’m also very tired of seeing the phrase “Anti-Christian” when the persons using this phrase don’t consider at least 90% of Christians, Christians!


  7. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Did America give up when the gays bombed Pearl Harbor?


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