That Giant Sucking Sound, Redux

Senate sends key trade bill to Obama

“Washington (CNN)The Senate on Wednesday cleared a bill to give “fast-track” congressional approval of major international trade deals and will send it to President Barack Obama for his signature. The vote was 60 to 38.

“The Senate is now voting on a related bill dealing with assistance to U.S. workers who lose their jobs because of those free trade pacts. It’s expected to pass and go to the House for a vote Thursday.

“House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who voted against the worker’s bill two weeks ago as a means to torpedo the fast track bill, said Wednesday she will now support the bill, all but assuring it will pass and be signed into law by the President.”

“I’m disappointed that the (trade assistance) bill isn’t nearly as robust as it should be in light of a trade agreement that encompasses 40% of the global economy,” she said in a letter to her House Democratic colleagues.

But Pelosi added she would support it “because it can open the door to a full debate on (the broader trade deal).”

Thanks a lot, Nancy. We’ll all remember that.

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6 Responses to That Giant Sucking Sound, Redux

  1. purpleheadl says:

    Both Washington state Senators for that piece of shit. Fuck them.


  2. purpleheadl says:

    *voted for* that POS

    Fuck them again.


  3. Ed says:

    This traitor of a woman has no business being in the Democratic Party. The miserable fucking bitch hasn’t pissed me off this much since she took impeachment off the table for Chimpy and his band of war criminals. She should be in a cold dark federal prison cell for that, sharing a toilet and bunking with Condi for an eternity. Seeing a photo of her makes my skin crawl and news of her latest DINO effort is infuriating.


  4. Kurt says:

    Yeah, the Senate Dems who voted for the TPP and the TPA need to be shown the door. I no longer care whether it’s in the primary or the general. Michael Bennet, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell…

    It sure would be nice to have a Democratic candidate I could vote for.


  5. roket says:

    Sharing the wealth on a corporate level is completely different from sharing the wealth on an individual level. It’s not socialism when corporations do it.


  6. Pretend I’m a workerbee whose job moved offshore to not the US of A. Now I can get retraining for a job here in the US of A. Obviously, I need a job that cannot be off-shored. That means either extracting a natural resource or performing some service that requires personal interaction. Medical, drug-dealing, and prostitution come to mind as high-Amero-producing careers.

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