No Sympathy for the Debbil

blam-blam-and-kampf.jpgThe Catholic Church says that The Debbil preys on the gullible and weak minded, so should we be surprised to learn that the rehab’ing of Blam-Blam leads directly to him and his minions coaching The Smart Bush on foreign policy?

“Mr. Cheney already exerts quiet influence over his party, making semiregular trips to the Capitol to address House Republicans and advising some GOP White House hopefuls. He wouldn’t discuss those conversations. Two of his top foreign-policy aides have signed on with Jeb Bush. And he is headlining donor events all over the country for the Republican National Committee.
“The party is very fortunate to have an active and engaged Dick Cheney for this upcoming political cycle,” said Reince Priebus, the party’s chairman, noting the number of candidates and elected officials who turn to the former vice president for advice. “He’s a top fundraising draw, in high demand.”

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2 Responses to No Sympathy for the Debbil

  1. roket says:

    Transformation complete. There is no longer any difference. Please discontinue using the “I’m not my brothers keeper” routine. Also too, if there’s a Bush 41, 43 & 45, we’re fucked.


  2. Weird Dave says:

    Let us hope they have a conference in Malaysia.

    Thanks Charlie!


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