Opening the Box With Schrödinger’s Candidate Rand Paul

Rand-in-Box-2Let’s see what the man who is on all sides of all issues is up to today!

Today, while not at Cal Berkeley, Rand Paul wants to liberate universities from the liberal menace and make them a welcoming place for the future wingnut. Yes, he’s started a petition to do, well, something… that I’m sure only moments before launching the petition he was against petitions.

rand paul petition

I’m sure the petition is to build spam lists, but still! The language is overwrought even for our bro-tastic libertarian hero who wants to deny abortion rights, deny equal rights to women and LGBTQ people, increase defense spending, and use drones for domestic surveillance.

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3 Responses to Opening the Box With Schrödinger’s Candidate Rand Paul

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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  2. roket says:

    So I rebranding has has been taken off the table then. No further discussion required.


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