Methinks He’s Looking For His Own $1M Pizza

We Don’t Serve Your Kind

Bless Y'all Qaeda's heart.

Bless Y’all Qaeda’s heart.

So a mechanic in Michigan tells the press that he would not service a gay person’s car.

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — The owner of a Grandville auto repair shop says he won’t hesitate “to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons.”

Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec on Ottawa Avenue in Grandville, posted the statement to his company’s Facebook page on Tuesday because he says the voices of those who have Christian, conservative values are often overshadowed by those who do not.

“I want to have a voice about this,” Klawiter told 24 Hour News 8 Wednesday. “I want to be heard about this… It’s challenging to decide to say I’m on the opposing side of what’s seen as the popular view.”

The post in question starts with “Enough is enough.”

…and it goes rapidly downhill from there, nuts and bolts flinging off the jalopy, literally:

“I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period,” Klawiter wrote. “If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.”

Notice how Klawiter didn’t tie it into a wedding ceremony, not even the far-fetched notion of a pizza party wedding reception, though I suppose he could say that he wouldn’t service the tin can-laden, rice-strewn, get-away car to make it more topical about how same sex marriage violates his deeply held religious beliefs.

This is just out-and-out bigotry, raw of tooth and claw as the poet said. Michigan does not have any anti-discrimination coverage for LGBTQ people, though there are some local ordinances sprinkled here and there. The city of Grandville does not have a non-discrimination ordinance, so Klawiter can proudly ride on the low road:

Asked to consider his post from the eyes of a person who is gay, Klawiter responded:

“I think it would be made pretty clear to me that I’m not welcome there, which I would almost consider that enlightening. I would know exactly where not to go.”

As I hope would also apply to the people who don’t like bigotry.

The comments on that story are fascinating, and yes, someone started a donation site which was quickley pulled down.

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8 Responses to Methinks He’s Looking For His Own $1M Pizza

  1. purplehead says:

    Ok, just as I never do business with an establishment that has a fish on the window. I’m always glad they advertise their bigotry.


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    Oh Mu Gawd, that means I’d have to go to one of the other 15,793 repair stations in town!
    Oh the humanity.


  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    “If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.”

    He’s admitting he’d sabotage someone’s car out of spite, putting that person in danger of death or dismemberment.

    Didn’t that Jesus feller say, “Love your enemies?” Doesn’t that make him a heretic?


  4. roket says:

    Oops. He just put a price on his head with the militant gay community. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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  6. Surely what he meant to say was that he would refuse to serve customers who openly performed gay sex acts in the middle of his shop, right? I mean, otherwise, he’s going to have to do some pretty skeezy background checking before he so much as rotates a tire.


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