News That Will Drive You To Drink

NotChimpy and Chimpy: two pees in a pod

NotChimpy and Chimpy: two pees in a pod

Hey guys! Do you know what happened this week in history? Give you a hint: It involves The Smart Bush®:

If You Liked the Handling of the Terri Schiavo Case, You’ll Love President Jeb Bush

Ten years ago this week, Terri Schiavo died. She had been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years, many of which had been taken up with a legal battle between her husband, who wanted to remove the feeding tube that was all that was keeping her alive, and her parents, who wanted to keep it in place.

The Schiavo case was a weighty one. But the religious right, with the help of Jeb Bush and his big brother in the White House, turned it into a vicious, public culture-war battle.

And, well, it just gets better. Go read the piece and recall the good times as NotChimpy reminds us where on the political spectrum he stands today.

Jebbie, who earlier this week voiced his unequivocal support for Pence and the anti-LGBT “religious freedom” law…

…and now NotChimpy has, um, flipped:

At the Four Seasons in East Palo Alto, Mr. Bush was asked by an attendee to clarify his position. He said that he supported protecting religious freedom and that it must be done specifically in each state.

“By the end of the week, I think Indiana will be in the right place, which is to say that we need in a big diverse country like America, we need to have space for people to act on their conscience, that it is a constitutional right that religious freedom is a core value of our country, “ Mr. Bush said.

But “we shouldn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation,” he said.

He continued, “So what the State of Indiana is going to end up doing is probably get to that place.”

Yeah, kinder gentler Terri Schiavo week to you too, Jeb.

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  1. roket says:

    “You can’t handle the truth about audio and video recording devices,” his campaign manager did not say.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    The Smart One and the Dumb One both interfered with that poor woman’s husband and his decision to discontinue her life support. Family values, my ass.

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