Let’s Go Shopping With Rand Paul


Let’s open the box with Schroëdinger’s Candidate Rand Paul! He’s calling for an additional $190B in defense spending, which as you know is a principled position to take when he previously has called for cutting defense spending.

And as always, Sen. Aqua Buddha’s staff is clarifying what the Senator meant:

“This is one amendment, not a budget proposal from Senator Paul. It is one small snapshot of how to pay for defense spending. Senator Paul has put forth entire fully balanced budgets. He has more amendments (like an amendment coming up later on overseas emergency spending, where he will also propose cuts to pay for it). The point of the amendment today is to show that you need to be fiscally responsible. The time of funding any priorities—even vital ones like national defense—on a credit card, needs to end.”

Ah, so the plan is to cut domestic spending to fund the war machine, which is of course a very principled Libertarian, non-interventionist thing to do.

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  1. roket says:

    Oops. He’s got conservative affluenza on his libertarian coat strings.


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