Glenn Beck: Preznint Maker!

Free-range Conspiracy Theorist Glenn Beck

Free-range Conspiracy Theorist Glenn Beck

Free-range conspiracy theorist and noted prepper-grifter Glenn Beck holds the keys to victory for Senator Ted Cruzthe man with Joe McCarthy’s good looks and Richard Nixon’s sweat glands—at least according to Beck:

“I had a great conversation with Ted Cruz on Friday night, and it was just a personal call, just a chat for just a few minutes, and we talked about the importance of prayer. And in this conversation he told me that he had spent about two hours with his children and his wife in prayer, making the final decision this week. And I have to tell you, that means the world to me,” Glenn said.

Ooooookay. And then, you know, to seal the deal as it were, Cruz talked to him again, immediately after the announcement!

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3 Responses to Glenn Beck: Preznint Maker!

  1. roket says:

    And to think it’s only been a week since Glenn dumped the republican party.


  2. Michael says:

    I hear that bin Laden and the ISIS crew spend a lot of time in prayer, so the results are okay with The Glenn?


    • tengrain says:

      Michael, well, you know: false god, so they are kinda wasting their time, whereas our Y’all Qaeda is praying to white Jeebus, so it will all work out.




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