The Boy With The Nancy Reagan Tattoo

“And then he kissed me…”

Except that the story is NOT true:

But library artifacts curator Jennifer Torres told The Progressive magazine in a series of emails that it was Walker who had asked to view the Bible while at the library.

“We decided to remove the Bible the day Gov. Walker was in town to comply with his request, took the Bible back to collections after the photo and re-installed it on exhibit a few days later,” Torres said in the March 4 email.

Torres also said in the email that Walker’s assertion that he was the first person to touch the Bible since Ronald Reagan was untrue.

“Since the president’s passing, several staff members and conservators have handled the Bible, all while wearing gloves,” Torres said in the emails. “It is unknown if President Reagan was the last to have to have touched the Bible without gloves, but it is doubtful.”

Torres said Walker was the only visiting dignitary to have handled the Bible, adding that he was also likely the only one to have made such a request.

This dude just lies reflexively. Isn’t it enough to touch the religious relic, St. Ronnies Bible? Does he really need to confer more significance? But especially funny to me is the idea that Our Lady of the Diet Pills Nancy Reagan would want to have a picture of this git with St. Ronnie’s Bible (untouched). I cannot stop laughing.

The Gasping of the Rubes, maybe that should be the Psalm for Scott Walker?

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7 Responses to The Boy With The Nancy Reagan Tattoo

  1. roket says:

    Vetting. How does it work? I know. Let’s ask Brian Williams or Bill O. No wait. Nevermind.


  2. HarpoSnarx says:

    Just so we know, that’s the one with the sticky pages? Also doesn’t the goat look like Mike Deaver before the follicle-cranium separation?


  3. Bruce388 says:

    I just hope Walker didn’t debase Ronnie’s Bible with ejaculate.


  4. With all the lying Walker does, the fact he doesn’t burst into flames when he touches a Bible is pretty clear proof that either God doesn’t exist, or he is pretty damn evil…

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    • tengrain says:

      I suspect that the Reagan Bible is empty, gilt-edged pages.




      • roket says:

        It would be irresponsible of me not to speculate that it’s more like cobwebs or bookworms. He didn’t attend church allegedly because he was concerned for the safety of the other parishioners. Some people say that actually he and Nancy were more into astrology and the occult. So there’s that also too. 🙂


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