The Afternoon Quote, or Today in Sedition

The Sound of Machine Guns HT Skinny-D

Litigious pundit Larry Klayman, who has for years stained his sheets dreaming of overthrowing President Obama with a popular uprising or a military coup, takes to the mighty pages of World Nut Daily again to not-so-subtly call for someone to Second Amendment The Kenyan Usurper over immigration:

In short, justice will come only from our case on behalf of Sheriff Arpaio and the similar case of 25 states in Texas. If Obama and his leftist comrades are not legally stopped in the courtroom, the American people will be forced to use other means to end government tyranny.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D for the graphic that cracks me up everytime.)

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5 Responses to The Afternoon Quote, or Today in Sedition

  1. Ray says:

    This one is covered under the right back at you Ahole. You might be surprised how many of us veterans are Democratic Party members.


  2. reamus says:

    These Whacko’s better hurry. He won’t be President long enough to get through the Courts with this deal. I think an up rising of Texanaistans and Arizonistans is the only way.
    I guess this won’t even after he’s out of office. I mean think about it, what are these people going to do with all this energy and and free time?


    • tengrain says:

      Reamus –

      Just like the Dims, they go strangely quiet when their guy is in office (except for then planning their 100 year wars, of course).

      It’s that entire selective forgettery that they have mastered: they never remember the LAST time that their guy was in office.




  3. Plummet says:

    That .gif is simply awesome!


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