News That Will Drive You To Drink: Toe-Sucking Pundit Predicts Walker Win

-Buh-Bye Scott Walker: Dick Morris Says You're Gonna Win!

-Buh-Bye Scott Walker: Dick Morris Says You’re Gonna Win!

Ah, the last time we checked in with ol’ Hungry, Hungry Hooker-hooves hisself, Dick Morris, he was predicting a 2012 Goat Rodeo landslide win for the Stench & Gilligan, and he was shamed, shushed, and removed from the payroll at Fox.

But today, we have some of his brilliant, always wrong punditry to point and laugh at:

The Wisconsin governor has been elected and reelected, and defeated a recall attempt in a key swing state. His combat credentials are enough to assuage worries the establishment might have about a first-time candidate. His record on job creation and fiscal discipline is admirable. He is the Christie who succeeded; Wisconsin is where the New Jersey governor dreamed his state would be.

Yet Walker’s credentials as a battler against the left earn him backing from the right wing of the Republican Party, including his stand against municipal unions, amnesty and Common Core.

From the Republican point of view, he is America’s most successful governor. He offers a chance to take the education issue away from Hillary Clinton. He has actually turned a school system around, ironically, by applying some of the very same remedies Clinton first proposed in Arkansas in 1982 but has long since abandoned in her sycophancy toward the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

And Walker has been vetted. He has been through a trial by fire that no other GOP presidential aspirant has. Under the constant pressure of the municipal labor unions, continuously tested in recalls (both his own and his senators’), he has survived nicely.

Energetic, young, charismatic and fresh, Walker provides just the kind of generational contrast Clinton has most to fear. And, now with Mitt Romney out of the race, he can spread his wings.

And so there you have it: Scott Walker will not be the next president of the United States. Dick Morris’s prediction is the ultimate abettor to a massive, world-class FAIL.

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9 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink: Toe-Sucking Pundit Predicts Walker Win

  1. That’s what I’ve been SAYING….


  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    DIMDEMS • 3 days ago

    Walker certainly has the ability to scare the bejeezus out of the Lefties. Go Scott Walker, help us save this country!

    370 recommends
    The Hill. Attracts flies.


  3. C Montgomery Burns says:

    “…He has actually turned a school system around, ironically…”

    Bah wa ha ha

    Thanks for that end of the week larf.

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  4. roket says:

    “His record on job creation and fiscal discipline is admirable.”

    Sparkle Ponies.


    • If by “admirable” you mean “lags behind the rest of the country by large amounts”. AND not mentioning the budget surplus he inherited from a Democrat, took credit for, and then blew on tax giveaways to businesses and the rich, that created a new “budget crisis” that requires blowing huge holes in an exemplary public university system.

      He promised 250,000 new jobs by the end of his first term. He said it was a done deal and that if he didn’t achieve it, we could fire him. He barely made half that, but the Resentment-filled white suburban assholes are more invested in tearing down everyone else to a lowest-common-denominator minimum wage hell-hole, so he was not fired. Either that, or they were terrified at the idea of Wisconsin’s first woman governor, and we know, by the actions of the Republican party, that that IS UNPOSSIBLE!!!!

      All of this stuff is documented, consistently, and nauseatingly well documented, by James Rowen at The Political Environment:

      After a couple of years of watching Turdwaffle systematically destroy everything that made Wisconsin special, JR is becoming much more strident and muscular in his articles. Not Fuck You Friday levels, maybe, but he’s getting there…..

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  5. He has actually turned a school system around,

    Understandable bit of confusion. He turned around from the school system, running away from Marquette before they could kick him out.

    he has survived nicely.

    Interesting definition of ‘nicely’. in the recent Republican MANDATE (sit DOWN, Schock!) election, he barely won in an election that saw massive turnout from the red suburbs. While other Republican candidates had much higher margins of victory. Yeah, he survived. By less than any other Republican would have.

    And he has never promised to serve out that elected term; I wonder how his fanboytoys will respond when he does the Snowbilly (Cheesebilly?) Maneuver and departs halfway through….


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