Post-Racial America

The Kenyan Usurper shakes hands with the Reasonable Conservative

The Kenyan Usurper shakes hands with the Reasonable Conservative

So, we’re in post-racial America I’m told because twice we elected a black man to the highest office in the land by what can only modestly be described each time as a landslide. And yet…

The news today out of NY would have us believe otherwise: another Grand Jury decided to not indict  white cop, Daniel Pantaleo, who killed an unarmed black man, Eric Garner. The Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide, so why there was a Grand Jury remains a mystery. That a nearby witness videographed the police choking the victim didn’t seem to hold any weight with the Grand Jury.

So much for the call for police to be equipped with body cameras.

And then there was also Ferguson’s Grand Jury within this last week, and smarter minds than mine have spilled a lot of virtual ink on that topic. Let’s just say it was another miscarriage of justice.

And then there’s the news that will be coming out sooner rather than later: The GOP-led Congress is mulling over a decision to not invite the first black president to The House to give the State of the Union Address. We’ve mentioned this insane idea before, but more as a laughing matter, but now it seems it is gathering some steam:

Late Tuesday, Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-Ga.) called for Boehner to not invite Obama to deliver the State of the Union address next year. […]

On the State of the Union, [Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.)] added: “In the spirit of George Washington, he could send it to us in writing. It’d save some time.”

Wingnuttia notes with some smug satisfaction that Congress isn’t required to welcome a sitting president onto the House floor to deliver an annual national address, which is true. The Constitution says that the president “shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union.”

And so for much of American history the president mailed in his report. But since the advent of the electronic mass media, the State of the Union has been a big deal, and Presidents show up with much pomp and circumstance with prepared remarks that not only tell us what the accomplishments of the recent past have been, they often set the agenda for the foreseeable future. Kennedy announced the moonshots, and Chimpy announced going to Mars. OK, bad example.

So, will Wingnuttia be so emboldened by their hatred of our first black president that they would be willing to dismiss what has become a pretty embedded January ritual?

Are you kidding me?

They started off so well at the first Obama SOTU Address by shouting, “You Lie!,” so what is to stop their bad manners and temper tantrums now that it is six years later? They have openly questioned his status as a citizen, demanding to see his birth certificate, sent out photoshopped pictures of him as a witch doctor, called him a traitor in every venue that they could, and there has literally been no repercussions for doing that. So what will stop them from canceling the SOTU now?

Wingnuttia has defunded the government, and they are talking about doing it again if they don’t get their way. Their hatred of this man is palpable, they are gleeful and practically drooling to impeach the president for something, anything, what have you got today, and there’s been no blow-back to their numbers for their extreme views and behavior, so what will stop them from canceling the SOTU?

Last night, on Twitter, the hashtag #SaveChris was trending (it was something dealing with some reality teevee show), and I pondered if more people were voting to #SaveChris than voted in the midterm elections. I hate to mention it as a fact because I don’t know the final numbers, but I would not be surprised if Chris (whoever he or she is) had a greater participation rate than our democracy.

So will the Republicans not invite the President to the floor of the House to give the speech? It’s a sucker bet.

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  1. roket says:

    I look forward to watching the first SOTU address ever delivered on my internet tube machine.


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