I’m Hella Thankful, Bitchez

Happy Thanksgiving

Of all the many things for which I am grateful this year, very high (no pun intended) on the list must be The Scissorheads, whom everyone knows is The Internet’s Band of Incorrigible Spitballers®.

So many years ago, after Chimpy McStagger won re-election and the nation lost its collective s***, this blog changed from crafty DIY content to our primal scream of snark and spitballing. I honestly do not think I would have made it if not for being able to vent during his Reign of Error, and finding our virtual extended family helped.

We’ve met so many people on this journey from suburbia to the heart of snarkness, and said farewell to a few too. Our fabulous Muse Xristi comes to mind right away, but so does the mysterious Wee Mousie, and the person whom I still think of as being the internets Center Square Sorghum Crow. Life got in the way of our beloved Dimitrios who (thankfully) returned this year.

(And I’m especially thankful that three bloggers—none of whom are blogging anymore—encouraged me to start this jalopy: Morse, Watertiger, and BlueGal—who now is a podcaster. Without them, there would be no MPS, and that is a fact.)

And then there are those who have come and never left, and unlike houseguests and old fish, they are always welcome here at the center of the blog-o-verse – there are too many to name, but you all know who you are, right SkinnyDennis et al? Our own Mr. C. Montgomery Burns who practically owns what is the most popular feature, The Bad Ads, and I am forever grateful for his dedication to finding the most shocking and scurrilous ads on the innertubes. Of course all of you are Mr. Burns’ helpers in this matter.

And I am thankful beyond words for the official unindicted co-conspirators who have played such a big role over the years: GRS our mysterious man of music, Mountjoy who makes us laugh over the most appalling things and has the dirtiest mind on the internet (and also the kindest and biggest heart), Axel Grease (who creates some of the funniest Photoshops ever and is a master of the Music Video), our better angel Tex Betsy, and our now quite famous Katie Schwartz (you can find her very funny work on Funny or Die, College Humor, well just about everywhere where laughter is the point)—she is the original C***zilla.

Anyway, I didn’t mean this to turn into an Academy Awards speech, but I did want to thank everyone for contributing, even the lurkers who find MPS when searching for Pig F***ing. You’re all special snowflakes, and everyone of you is an Ace in my book, which probably means I should play poker now.

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13 Responses to I’m Hella Thankful, Bitchez

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, old chum! You have always been unfailingly kind and supportive, and I know I’m not the only one to think this way. Thank you.


  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Happy, Happy, TG!


  3. reamus says:

    May your articular brand of snark and whimsical good humor never leave us Ten, you are the man.



  4. roket says:

    I feel confident that this blog will see me though the next two years of republican shenanigans. Long may your spitballs reign (or rain, take your pick).


  5. moeman says:

    All the best of everything to TG and the Spitballers!


  6. Abo gato says:

    Rarely ever comment but I lurk every day. Happy holidays to everyone here and I love you all!

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  7. mizburd says:

    TG, whatever happened to Jimmy Dean’s F***ed Up Cousin Clyde? His posts were always spot on.


    • tengrain says:

      Another voice that went quiet a while ago. Thanks for the reminder, Mizburd. He was from the very early days. I also miss more than words can say The Cunning Runt, just the sweetest gentleman ever (Tommyspoon aside, who I also hope will return someday).

      Rgds, TG


  8. purplehead says:

    There are a few treasured sites I read every day, that keep me centered while the Idiocracy balloons all around. MPS is one of those cherished blogs. Saved me during Shitboy Bush’s horror show. Saving us all from the explosion of up-front bigotry, willful ignorance, and Amurkkkan Taliban during HopeAndChange. Thanks, TenG. I’m so glad you have the stamina to keep on truckin and laughing and pointing at the fools.

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    • tengrain says:

      Purplehead –

      1) We’re all in this together and B) Wingnuttia HATES being laughed at. It’s win-win!




  9. Weird Dave says:

    It’s like I fit right in around here.

    Thanks to all (of you guys and the brave women who hang out here) and especially to our cheerful host (how much bourbon was in that pecan pie?).


  10. Sorry I am late to the party ~ life gets a bit that way with a divorce and all.. but happy Thanksgiving to all those spitballers who celebrate the occasion. I’m proud to be a party of this shindig, and forever grateful for the long distance friendship that Tengrain as been over the last decade. Bottoms up!


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