Job Opening


The Kenyan Usurper is gonna be hiring new Secretary of Defense:

The New York Times reported that President Obama asked Hagel to step down from his post last Friday, with senior administration officials characterizing the move “as a recognition that the threat from the Islamic State would require a different kind of skills than those that Mr. Hagel was brought on to employ.”

Why, you ask?

But now “the next couple of years will demand a different kind of focus,” one administration official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. He insisted that Mr. Hagel was not fired, saying that he initiated discussions about his future two weeks ago with the president, and that the two men mutually agreed that it was time for him to leave.

But Mr. Hagel’s aides had maintained in recent weeks that he expected to serve the full four years term as defense secretary. His removal appears to be an effort by the White House to show that it is sensitive to critics who have pointed to stumbles in the government’s early response to several national security issues, including the Ebola crisis to the threat posed by the Islamic State militant group.

So let’s see, Sec. Hagel is going to spend more time with the ol’ family because of the way he handled the nonexistent US Ebola Pandemic and for failing to start the next great Crusades against the infidels ($ to defense contractors).

Can hardly wait for the confirmation hearings. Remember, it doesn’t matter who Obama nominates, the GOP will block it.

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6 Responses to Job Opening

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It will be interesting to see if the Republicans will block any and all Sec. Def. appointees, despite being perceived as “solid” on defense.

    Gonna pop some popcorn…


  2. HarpoSnarx says:

    TRAITOR JOE’s time to SHINE!


  3. roket says:

    When may we look forward to Politico’s top 20 list of possible nominees and where will John Bolton’s name appear on this list?


  4. Michael Bloom says:

    I would like to see John McCain nominated, just to force him to come up with some policy ideas, and not just carp endlessly about how “that one”s ideas are always wrong for America. Confirmation hearings should be a hoot, especially any dialog with Cruz or Ernst.


  5. C Montgomery Burns says:

    What you are guaranteed to hear by all and every possible GOP candidate at least 6 times…
    “…If I were prez-edent…My administration…but Mr. Obama said….”

    Luv it when they eat their own. And on occasions like this, themselves.


  6. moeman says:

    What with Breitbart dead, give the jerb to cheney and his big heartless dick (and his heartless daughter Liz).


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