Want a Second Helping Of Fries With Your Stupid

Jeebus, Cruz is as dumb as he looks and he has accepted a shit-ton of Ameros from Comcast.

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9 Responses to Want a Second Helping Of Fries With Your Stupid

  1. jazzidiot says:

    Comcast. Of course! I wish we had a way to to broadcast to the masses…hmm. If only there was a service for reporting important news such as this…it must have been a in a dream. An American dream.


  2. roket says:

    Off to the Comcast Reeducation Camp with him, frigging moocher.


  3. The Internet. Built by the Heroic John Galts of DARPA!


  4. Pissed in NYC says:

    I hope he crashes and burns early. Apparently he’s not stupid, he just does what he has to to get what he wants. An ugly man in every way.


  5. Plummet says:

    If the internets worked at the speed of gov’t, we might as well go back to dial-up


  6. delusional says:

    I like the way “Senator” puts “Net Neutrality” in the scare quotes.
    I also lie the way the President replied “Please proceed “senator”, Please Proceed.”


  7. grs says:

    Watch out for the internet death panels. If people want to, they can go to the free internet clinic and get their internet there. Net Neutrality will cause ISP malpractice insurance to skyrocket. People are going to be forced to have internet or they’re going to pay a huge tax.Polls show that Americans hate fast internet. It’s Socialism to let other companies compete in the market place. Net Neutrality will kill jobs – think of all the people Comcast will have to let go if there are other companies competing in the market place.


  8. HarpoSnarx says:

    Comcrap Cruz: eBola 2.0!


  9. Bruce388 says:

    Once Cruz is bought, he stays bought.


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