South Carolina, A Land Of Contrasts

So what is the news from South Carolina, the seething hotbed of throbbing, unbridled lust? They had a debate for the gubernatorial contestants, which is kinda perform before handing the crown and scepter over to the Republican Nikki Haley.

The setup question: “Should the state make it easier for police to keep our arms out of the hands of convicted domestic violence offenders?”

Now this should be an easy one for anyone to hit out of the ball park. Or at least I would think, but Haley is a bit of a wild card:

You know I’ve always believed in the Second Amendment, and I believe in it because I’m a certified weapons permit holder myself. And I know the classes, and I know the time, and I know the education that you need in order to be able to carry. We want to make sure that we put it in the hands of responsible people, which is why we passed legislation that said that anyone that had been ordered by the courts to be declared with a mentally ill disease, that they could not carry.

But for everybody else, we want them to have the ability to protect their home, protect their children, protect their business.

Wayne LaPierre just sprouted some serious wood, and is mouthing, “mount me” to the TeleBision monitor.

So got it: Domestic Abusers can have guns, crazy people cannot. What if the Venn diagram overlaps there? Well, who knows! So what’s the solution for domestic abuse?

Domestic violence is something that really does plague South Carolina, but it’s something that we need to go deeper in. It’s a cultural issue, it’s a generational issue, and we want to get into those communities.

The best chance we’re gonna have is going through our churches, making sure that victims of domestic violence understand there’s a safe place for them. They’re not comfortable going to law enforcement right now.

Of course, Jeebus is the answer the safe place for them, and religion is tax-free, so win-win! Please, South Carolina, send your kiddies off to the Parish Priest before Mommie and Daddie duke it out, oh yes!

So we’ve got to do better to make sure that they know that there are places that they can go. We need to continue to increase penalties against domestic violence victims and make sure that we’re doing all we can to educate people on how they can have a better life.

Well, let’s assume that was a Freudian slip, gown, shoes and a purse to match. But then again, she just finished saying that wife beaters get to keep their guns, so maybe this is what she meant?

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7 Responses to South Carolina, A Land Of Contrasts

  1. blogenfreude1 says:

    These idiots should be easier to defeat – do 10 or 12 smash cuts of the stupid shit they say, and run them 24/7. Do not show any mercy – fucking crush them.


  2. C Montgomery Burns says:

    So in other words – No and Nothing.


  3. roket says:

    I suppose since she’s a certified weapons permit holder that’s supposed to make her bonafide. Tells me she’s a murder waiting to happen. Bless her heart.


  4. Jim H. says:

    If you increase the penalties on domestic violence victims, then they will be less apt to report incidents of domestic violence. If fewer people report incidents of domestic violence, then official crime statistics w/r/t domestic violence will decrease. ERGO: Problem Solved!

    The logic is impeccable.


  5. A. J. says:

    “The best chance we’re gonna have is going through our churches….”

    Translation: Because I’ll be damned if I’m going to have to pay for that shit! I’m a conservative Republican and that may cost me money!


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