The War on Women, Cont.

(As regular readers know, our position at MPS is that there is a War on Women and it is waged by the Theocrats as one front on their War on Democracy.)


So Greater Wingnuttia thinks that they have found the secret message to overcome their loss of the female vote following such disasters as the Legitimate Rape and the much ballyhooed Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Ruling, as well as the failure of single Republican in both houses to vote for the Minimum Wage Hike, or the Equal Pay legislation, and well, you know, for failing to reconfirm the Violence Against Women Act. No one member of Y’all Qaeda voted for any of these things. Not one.

So what is the secret strategy: to make The Pill an over-the-counter drug.

But here’s the catch: it then becomes your cost to buy your Rush Limbaugh Slut Pills, not the insurance company. Oh, and other birth control methods? IUDs, etc., which cost a lot more, will still cost a lot more and you will still have to petition your insurance company for them.

So once again, Wingnuttia: Thanks Boys, We Love It When You Do This. — The Dems

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6 Responses to The War on Women, Cont.

  1. Daddy Bear says:

    Better hope nobody ever figures out how to make a stimulant out of birth control pills, ’cause then when they go over-the-counter, you’ll only be allowed a week’s worth at a time…


  2. Once again, they show that they don’t know how the pill works.

    “Sheesh, girl, can’t you just buy what you need before you have sex?”


  3. roket says:

    So when may we expect Viagra to become OTC?


    • Dimitrios says:

      Surely you know that for some of the pricks in the Republican Party, Viagra is as necessary as Digitalis, for many of their leading rampant pricks, more necessary.


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