Here’s Your Saturday Bottomless Mug of Stupid

Even Mooselini's boobs pout

Even Mooselini’s boobs pout

From Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Mooselini’s MyFace page: No Drama Obama’s Summer Casual Agenda for America (or What He Didn’t Do On My Summer Vacation)

There is absolutely nothing important going on in the world right now.

…which is why the Boreal Narcissus is so qualified to comment on it. When it comes to not important, trust her: she’s an expert! And yet, I bet she’ll find a way to whine about it!

There are no security threats, no worldwide turmoil affecting America’s interests, no civil war in Syria, South Sudan, or Libya. No war on our ally, Israel. No Ebola epidemic devastating West Africa and spreading. No race riots tearing apart a whole community in Missouri. No Russian aggression in Ukraine. No deranged North Korean dictator testing more missiles. No Chinese jets getting up close and personal with our American military. No brave American journalist sickeningly beheaded by Muslim terrorist savages rampaging through the Middle East seizing oil fields and committing genocide on Christians and Kurds. No illegal immigration crisis as thousands of unaccompanied minors illegally walk right across our unsecured borders. No scandals in Obama’s White House. No worried servicemen and women coping with ill-advised U.S. Military chainsaw cuts. And no increase in our nation’s debt. Nope. It’s been one lazy summer with nothing to do, not a thing to worry about in No Drama Obama land.

This explains why the President spent the summer on vacay in Martha’s Vineyard and is now gearing up for Vacation 2.0 this weekend with the One Percent in the Hamptons, again, and in Newport, again.

The world is falling apart, and the lazy The Kenyan Usurper isn’t there. Say, why are all the dogs barking?

It’s the usual Mooselini confusion: Obama is shoving this/that/other down our throats, and he’s lazy. He’s a jack-booted tyrant and lazy. She complains that Obama is spending his vacay (ugh) with fat cat donors and that the Dims want to gut Citizens United.

I’ll give her credit: her ghostwriter is getting her inflection down, and has mastered the petty grievances tone.

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7 Responses to Here’s Your Saturday Bottomless Mug of Stupid

  1. C Montgomery Burns says:

    I had a dream last night that I was working at Starbucks and Steve Rogers walked in and ordered an Iced Americano. I said “One Iced Americano for the Iced Americano” and then I woke myself up by laughing too hard at my own joke. *

    After looking for a piece of paper to write it down on I asked myself, who the hell is Steve Rogers?

    One get the feeling this is how $nowball $nookie and her writers get their material.

    *stolen from the interwebs-just like Mooselini would do/

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  2. roket says:

    Dingbat. h/t Archie Bunker


  3. angelo ferrara says:

    if you didn’t post her insanity she would go away……….you know she’s an attention whole… why pay attention..?


    • tengrain says:

      Angelo –

      I was a firm believer in Don’t Make Stupid People Famous, but it was way too late. I even went on a long boycott, and she kept being stupid.

      So… I just point and laugh. No one has to click the link.




  4. A.J. says:

    The Snow Queen of the Northern Meth Tribes lists one self-perceived problem after the other. The Reich-wingers do this all the time and there is a term for it. It is called a “Gish Gallop”; trying to drown an opponent using a torrent of half-truths, lies, and bullshit. Sam Harris described the technique as “starting 10 fires in 10 minutes.”

    And I was in the Army for a few years, but damned if I know what a U.S. Military chainsaw cut is. Anyone….?


  5. She and Ann Coulter should do a two-woman show around the country (well, the bits that can tolerate them). It can sort of be like “Sideshow,” but without the singing.


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