“On the count of 3, smile.”



Theocrat Dimwit Secessionist Texas Governor Rick Perry's Mugshot.

Theocrat Dimwit Secessionist Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Mugshot.

Rick! What is it with you and threes?

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8 Responses to “On the count of 3, smile.”

  1. I recall reading somewhere that when celebrities get nabbed they know to smile on the mug shot. If they look upset, the bullshit media won’t leave them alone. I guess someone told whatshisname.


  2. McDee says:

    Theocrat, dimwit, secessionist… My memory of Presidents goes back to Ike. I’ve seen a lot over the years. My question: Have there always been this many paste eating knuckledraggers around or does the rise of modern mass communications just make it seem that way? I actually think there are more of them now, per capita.


    • tengrain says:

      McDee –

      I think by any objective measure there are more drooling fuckknuckles now than ever before. We’ve stopped being ashamed of them and keeping them locked in the attic, and instead elect them to office and/or give them cable news programs.




    • Bruce388 says:

      St. Ronnie’s repeal of the fairness doctrine may have something to do with it. Intended consequences.


  3. SkinnyDennis says:

    What’s the chance he may have to do reenactments of eating that Iowa caucus corndog…for real?

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  4. Plummet says:

    You know, he does look dumber without the glasses.


  5. Captbatguano says:

    I bet the photog said, “Ready? Now say niggerhead!”


  6. Abo gato says:

    Hey y’all. I’m from Texas. With Ricky, it’s a SMUG shot.


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