Be Careful What You Ask For

Bless the beasts and the children

Bless the beasts and the children

The Xristian Xrazies, who opened Pandora’s Box so that they could force [Xristian] prayers on everyone attending civic meetings, probably did not have Wicca in mind. And so when a Wiccan Priest petitioned to give the opening prayer, they blinked:

Citing “community fears,” the Huntsville, Alabama City Council refused to allow a practicing Wiccan to give the opening invocation at its meeting this week.

Blake Kirk — a “Priest of the Oak, Ash and Thorn tradition of Wicca,” according to the meeting’s original agenda — was scheduled to offer the prayer at the June 26, 2014 meeting, but at the last minute the council decided “to pull back, to do some education, and introduce him more gently at another time,” city attorney Peter Joffrion told

According to WHNT News 19, the council needs to introduce Kirk “gently” because many in the community believe that his invitation was connected to a lawsuit the Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to file because city council meetings were only opened with Christian prayers.

The council responded to that threat by allowing practitioners of the Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i, and Confucian faiths to deliver the opening prayer. But the community was not, it seems, ready for a member of the Wiccan faith to do so.

Oh, dear. Silly theocrats just don’t understand how the Bill of Rights protects everyone, even themselves. If you are going to break down the Wall separating Church and State, you should be prepared for what is on the other side.

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12 Responses to Be Careful What You Ask For

  1. Jado says:


    Haaaaaa! We’s scayerd o them thar WITCHER folks. They might hex us with theyr majik spells, or turn us inta newts or somfin.

    Can’t we just have a good ol’ fashioned Bible religion where we ask the Good Lord to bless us as we clean our rifles and load our ammo and prepare to ventilate them thar violent darkies and towel-heads? Jes’ like Jaysis would want…


  2. roket says:

    What a coincidence. Very small children have problems with foresight as well.


  3. I know Blake, he is a great guy and a veteran. He was amazed when he was originally asked….I can imagine now he is….well, not amazed!


    • tengrain says:

      The handfull of followers of The Reed that I have met over the years are much better people than the Xristian Xrazies I’ve ever met. –TG


      • While I am no sort of Wiccan, I do find that most of them, whether of initiated traditional sorts or self-initiates do TRY with more honesty and introspection. Blake and his wife have long been active in online pagan communities and he brooks no bullshit. His wife is a nurse and veteran from Viet Nam, so she gives short shrift to nonsense as well.


      • Oh…btw, a major pagan blogsite has the fuller story of this deal with Blake and Carol.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Break out the snakes and then we’ll see which one’s the REAL religion.


  5. Dimitrios says:

    Not only would the Huntsville City Council meeting gain greater stature, but the attendees’ nutritional value would improve if a Pastafarian were invited to petition the Flying Spaghetti Monster to touch their session with his noodley goodness.


  6. Osirisopto says:

    Y’see they’re afraid that he would cast a spell turning them into rutting animals with brains clouded by irrational grievances and misinterpretations of tangible reality, with a strong penchant for winning Darwin awards.

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