It’s Not About Bigotry…

it’s about safety:

Except when it isn’t. If in your examples you had to mention the race of the kid in the hoodie… and to totally not get that you were talking about Trayon Martin? I’m calling BS.

I want to know what these five, very rich white people are doing walking alone at night. I mean the whole thing is just so much white panic, and then trying to spin it that it is not about race. Saying that you pre-judge people is saying that you racially profiled them. It just sounds nicer.

I get that a lot of people are afraid of walking alone at night. But I think Florida has proven to us that black people have more to fear walking alone than white people have.

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5 Responses to It’s Not About Bigotry…

  1. roket says:

    The fear. It oozes.


  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    FAUX Nooze beating the Southern Strategy drum as loudly they can.


  3. reamus says:

    Are these people serious or is this just all a big ha ha to them? I thought, (my mistake) that they would discuss what Cuban said( although I’m not sure what it had to do with Sterling the racist). Instead, one skinny dude in glasses decides this is the time to get in a few snarky remarks, The ass hat that always talks too much in the dark jacket devolves it into a clown joke AFTER he oh so humorously suggests that he wouldn’t walk down the street in Harlem at night. (oh ha ha again at that), Bright yellow hair and dress says she isn’t “prejudiced at all” (Is someone in here yelling bullshit?…sorry) And the black haired one one the end flashing her thighs actually has a remark that makes some sense.
    Do these people all come to work in the same Volkswagen Beetle? Jeebus, that was a waste of oxygen. Not much wonder we have global warming.


  4. Dimitrios says:

    The dizzy brunette who prejudges a person dripping in diamonds and wearing a fur coat, with a Rolls Royce next to them, as being rich should know better. Surely she’s been exposed to enough Republican plutocrats to recognize a Mistress when she sees one.


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