Whodunnit? Who Cares!


When we last saw the blog’s pal, noted bad logistics and famous friend of Neo-Confederate Secessionists everywhere, Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel, he was busy forgetting that he was attending white secessionist gatherings and Confederate War memorabilia swap meets.

He’s been busy since then, what with campaigning against U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, and denying that he was sending fellow Teabaggers into the care facility where Thad Cochran’s wife—who suffers from advanced dementia—has been living since the early 2000s.

Anyway, like a rejected Falcon Crest script, the McDaniel-Cochran saga has a few twists and turn, a confusing timeline, and not exactly any heroes (including the two principal players). As near as I can follow some Teabagger blogger (Teablogger? Yes, let’s call him that) Clayton Kelly in Mississippi became a fanboi of Mr. McDaniel and decided to go the extra mile to curry favor with the big lug. So he broke into the care facility to videotape Sen. Cochran’s wife.

Why?, you ask? Let’s let our old pal Eric Erickson explain (yes, THAT Eric Erickson):

It is an open secret in Mississippi that Thad Cochran’s wife is in a nursing home. I have known it for some time, which is why RedState has not pushed the story about Cochran’s relationship with Kay Webber. Cochran lives with Mrs. Webber, she travels with him socially and professionally, etc. In fact, if you google for Thad Cochran and his wife, the images that come up are of Thad Cochran and Mrs. Webber.

It is a tragic story, given Mrs. Cochran’s health. She suffers from dementia and has been confined to a nursing home for years. In the past two weeks though, a number of bloggers have tried to raise the red flag on Thad Cochran’s relationship with Mrs. Webber since they live together and she is also on his payroll. We have done our best to avoid delving into this story other than acknowledging its existence. It is, again, a tragic situation.

The sincerity just drips from ol’ E2‘s lips.

So Sen. Cochran has a mistress and everyone knew about it, but it being Mississippi and Sen. Cochran being a God-fearing Republican, well, Baby Jeebus would not be happy with him for this, now would he? So the Teablogger breaks into the care facility and takes some video of the real Mrs. Cochran, presumably to show the world that Mrs. Webber is his trollop?

And then comedy ensues with McDaniel’s campaign issuing plausible deniability about the actions of the Teablogger: McDaniel campaign clarifies when they learned of Cochran break-in. Note that the original story has FOUR updates, because it keeps changing.

Original Story:

U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign is questioning how Chris McDaniel’s campaign manager, state Sen. Melanie Sojourner, apparently knew about Clayton Kelly’s arrest before news of him allegedly sneaking into Rose Cochran’s nursing home room and taking photos broke.

First Update

“The McDaniel campaign found out about the break in when a local political blog posted about it at 11:40 p.m. last night. Senator McDaniel has denounced the break-in and called Senator Cochran to extend his condolences. It is unconscionable for the Cochran campaign and the liberal media to use the act of a sick individual to lob despicable accusations.”

Second Update

Tea Party Patriots Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement on the arrest:

“Exploiting another human being for gain is deplorable in any circumstance. To use the elderly for some sick, perceived political advantage is despicable. We condemn this vile act in no uncertain terms.

“The Defendant has never donated to the Tea Party Patriots or the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. He is not in any of our data bases, and we have had no email exchanges with him.

“There are plenty of legitimate issues to be debated in this campaign. And while we condemn this criminal act, we look forward to a primary election to decide these issues.”

In recent days, the Tea Party Patriots held press conferences pushing the issue of Cochran’s overseas travel with a female aide from whom the senior senator leases a basement apartment in D.C. They endorsed McDaniel early in the campaign.

Third Update:

The Hill is reporting that “a GOP aide who has listened to the voicemail from Sojourner to Simms, McDaniel’s manager says she was made aware of the incident late Friday evening. She emphasized that their campaign was appalled, and that McDaniel himself was disgusted by Kelly’s actions and wanted to speak to Cochran directly to express his outrage.”

A GOP aide who has listened to the voicemail also confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger that Sojourner said that McDaniel “was upset about the whole thing and wanted to talk to Cochran” about it.

However, that does not match up with what McDaniel told The Hill in DeSoto County on Saturday morning when he said he knew nothing about the arrest at that time. Noel Fritsch, McDaniel’s communications director, also said early Saturday morning when contacted by The Clarion-Ledger that he had not heard of the arrest.

Fourth Update

Noel Fritsch with the McDaniel campaign has released a statement clarifying the timeline of when the McDaniel campaign learned of the arrest and break-in:

“Melanie noticed the political blog post at around 1:00 AM CDT Saturday and was alarmed that it was likely Ms. Cochran who had been photographed based on the preponderance of evidence, including the name of the rest home and the comments on the blog.

“At around 7:30 AM CDT, Chris was notified only briefly of the incident and the need to personally reach out to Sen. Cochran.

“Shortly thereafter, Melanie called Cochran campaign manager Kirk Sims to express in strongest terms the campaigns’ condemnation of the alleged crime. Alex Jaffe interviewed Chris at around 9:30 AM CDT during an event, at which time Chris had still not been fully briefed. Chris was not fully briefed until he left event around 10:30 AM CDT, at which point the campaign issued a statement at 10:49 AM CDT.​”

Now if it ended there, well, all would be good, right? Back to Erickson, who we should note has been actively campaigning for Mr. McDaniel.

Cochran is getting his butt kicked in Mississippi by conservative challenger Chris McDaniel. That has sent the NRSC and its friends into a tailspin and they are desperate to tar and feather Chris McDaniel…

In other words, it was well known before the Clarion-Ledger’s report that Mrs. Cochran was involved. Chris McDaniel’s campaign called to assure Senator Cochran that no one from the McDaniel campaign was involved. Then the Cochran campaign and NRSC decided to exploit the show of concern for political gain by lying about who knew what.

Here is paid NRSC hack Brian Walsh:

…It appears, as well, that McDaniel’s campaign was being pre-emptive. His campaign staff reached out to the Cochran camp this morning before 8am. Around 10:00 this morning, McDaniel said he had not heard anything about it. We can concoct a grand conspiracy, but perhaps the campaign got ahead of the candidate, which often happens.

If we are going with grand conspiracy, can we talk about Kay Webber’s salary package?

As always, Erickson is a True Gentleman.

So what do we really know? That a Teablogger broke into a private care facility to videotape the elderly and frail for some political purpose to help his favorite candidate Chris McDaniel, and was arrested. We know that Mrs. Webber was an open secret that the Teabaggers were dropping hints about in opposition to Sen. Cochrane. We know that Ewick is an ass.

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  1. reamus says:

    Such a tangled web over …well, nothing anyone didn’t know before last week.


  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    Yet one asshole, Erickson, will continue collecting rightwing payola to be an asshole.

    And one of the other assholes will be U.S. Senator.

    Is this a grape country, or what?


  3. JerryB says:

    Does anybody believe that E son of E would be as gracious if the R were a D?


  4. Dimitrios says:

    Considering how many permutations this “RUTH” underwent to arrive at it’s rather complex final – for now – version, it is staggering to realize that these people claim not to believe in evolution.


  5. C Montgomery Burns says:

    As someone who has a parent suffering from Lewy-body dementia I would be
    devastated for my parent, or anyone’s parent or relative, to be exploited in
    this manner. Mr. Kelly would have a fractured jaw and 2 broken legs by now.
    Extreme, yes. But the abuse of this woman dignity is even more vile.


  6. trkingmomoe says:

    Reblogged this on Once Upon a Paradigm and commented:
    Good read enjoy.


    • tengrain says:

      Anyone who wants to reblog MPS is welcome to (with the usual links and attribution), and thank you! — TG


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