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“It’s our hope and prayer that a fresh obedience by Christian families and educating their children according to biblical commands will prove to be a key for the revival of our families, our churches, and our nation.”

Ray Moore, GOP Candidate for Lt. Governor of South Carolina (Seething Hotbed of Unbridled Lust), who is a retired Army Reserves chaplain and president of Frontline Ministries, encouraging citizens of that state to take their kids out of Public Schools. That’s quite a platform to have while running for Public Office.

(Bonus quote: “Moore told a gathering of Tea Party activists at the April 12 Liberty Rally that Christians must leave the “Pharaoh’s school system” for religious schools or home schools.

“We cannot win this war we’re in as long as we keep handing our children over to the enemy to educate,” he told the crowd.)

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4 Responses to The Morning Quote

  1. roket says:

    Ray Moore (R-Messiah Complex) may also want to consider church gun raffles and also nude oil wrestling like they used to do back in Pharaoh’s day. Not to mention lion shows. I mean if you want to go there, let’s go all the way.


  2. Paul Avery says:

    I always thought my elementary teachers were demons. They said it was because they expected to
    make an effort to learn; but now I know the truth!


  3. phoelyx says:

    Here it comes, another lowering of the IQ Limbo bar. How low will it go?


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