News Briefs for March 24, 2014

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  • Luck be a lady tonight – Notorious casino owning vulgarian Sheldon Adelson has started fundraising for Senatorette Huckleberry Closetcase, and what a coincidence! Huckleberry is now against online gambling as is his benefactor! Miss Graham must have a price list somewhere… (Think Progress)
  • Whiners today – The hapless Dims have mustered up what remains of their spines and have released a statement that Nate Silver is not always right. You might recall that Silver accurately predicted all the results of all 50 states during the 2012 Goat Rodeo (as did our pal and mathematician MattyBoy of This Day in SciFi). (Livewire)
  • My Little Pony, Redux – The 9-year-old boy made famous after saying he was prevented from carrying his “My Little Pony” backpack to school because administrators told him it “triggered bullying,” is returning to school—with his beloved backpack. Says the school district:

    “We have appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Bruce family and discuss the issues. We sincerely regret that the issue of being told to leave the bookbag at home was perceived as blaming Grayson. While that was not the intent, the perception became reality. We support Grayson bringing the bookbag to school.” the statement said.

    “Every situation with young children is a teachable moment and we will use this example in our efforts to address a wider issue of bullying. We ask for everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to work collaboratively with the family toward a resolution that is best for Grayson and his classmates at Candler Elementary School.”

    We still think that this kid’s mom is the Mother of the Year. (USA Today)

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  1. I can’t help but wish there was someone named Wayne Dick involved in this story.


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