News Briefs for March 12, 2014

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  • Missouri – The Missouri legislature is working on 32 different anti-choice bills and there’s only one abortion clinic left in Missouri! (Think Progress)
  • Kentucky- Kentucky churches withheld $7M from Sunrise Children’s Services because the children’s home had proposed ending discrimination against gay employees. However, the policy of discrimination puts Sunrise at risk of losing government funding, which provides 85 percent of its $27 million budget. (Raw Story)
  • West Virginia – Officials at WV’s Division of Culture and History have asked Hurricane High School student Grace Pritt not to read “Black Diamonds,” a poem that honors the widows of the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster at West Virginia Governor’s Arts Awards ceremony this week. After the news went viral on social media, officials at the Division of Culture and History changed their minds, calling the whole thing a “miscommunication.” I’m shocked too: who knew that WV had culture? (Raw Story)
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  1. A.J. says:

    Who knew West Virginia had a Division of Culture and History?

    Paging Dr. Orwell….!


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