News Briefs for March 3, 2014

News you can use all day

Watch Bloody Bill Kristol lose his shit when honorary Scissorhead Bill Maher (correctly) notes that the Tea Party was about “a black president.”

  • Se7ven More Hate Groups – The Southern Poverty Law Center has added seven more hate groups to their roster, including:
    • The World Congress of Families/Howard Center For Family, Religion and Society
    • Catholic Family and Human Rights institute (C-FAM)
    • The Ruth Institute
    • The Liberty Counsel

    (Truth Wins Out)

  • Racism Today – What’s that old unreformed racist John Derbyshire up to these days since being fired from the NRO for being racist? He’s being racist, that’s what! Anyway, Derb says that the Conservative Rebranding should be abandoned and that they should instead focus on White Men only:

    He said “conservatives are the only people in the U.S.A. trying to ‘transcend contentious racial issues,’” but agreed with his “friend” — white nationalist Jared Taylor – that white people should stop trying to get along with black people.

    “Whites may as well start asserting themselves and join in fighting for the spoils,” Derbyshire said. “If that’s right, ‘colorblind conservatism’ is a dead end, and the future of the conservative movement is as a home for white ethnocentrism.”

    He also suggested that Republicans should also give up on trying to appeal to women and become more bellicose.

    “Women are just like that,” Derbyshire said. “One thing we might try would be putting some alpha males up front, instead of mealy-mouthed cringing betas.”

    (Raw Story)

  • What you can buy for $750,000 – Tim Draper, a third-generation venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, who wants to divide the state of California into six separate entities, has contributed $750,000 of his own money to the cause; he’d effectively have to gather almost 808,000 voters’ signatures by mid-April to have it on this year’s ballot — or try to put it on the 2016 ballot. Draper spent $20 million on an unsuccessful school-voucher ballot measure in 2000. (Livewire)
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3 Responses to News Briefs for March 3, 2014

  1. roket says:

    Dear John Derbyshire Esquire,

    There’s already a bellicose ethnocentric racist party in this country and they call themselves baggers.




  2. Bruce388 says:

    Kristol lost his air of smug self-satisfaction when Maher hit him with the truth. They don’t talk that way on Fox.


  3. M. Bouffant says:

    Christ on a crutch, no matter how much he shoots off his mouth, effing Derbyshire is a gamma or delta male, at best.


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