Sooner or later…

…you become the thing that you mocked.

And Ezra replies:

The best thing I can say about Klein is that his departure gives the WaPo the unique opportunity of losing David Broder twice.

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2 Responses to Sooner or later…

  1. wagonjak says:

    If that’s a bit of a ding on Klein, I agree. He got more and more careful and centrist as his years at WaPo flew by…maybe having his own site will free him to be the Ezra we knew in his early years.


  2. Pissed in NYC says:

    Dead on, Tengrain. His ass licking and sudden embrace, however slight, of village thinking put him on my “are you fucking kidding” list from the beginning of his WaPo gig. Unless he tells everything he knows–and I mean all the dirt the village knows and hides–I have to assume he’ll turn on a dime and help the well placed elites whenever they ask. Once a whore, always a whore.


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