Happy Hour News Briefs

News that will drive you to drink

Xristian Xrazie Pastor Dave Buehner has a suggestion to make the Rose Parade more festive: “I wonder what the Rose Bowl parade would do if we had the stoning of a homosexual along the parade just as an expression of free speech and all that.”

  • Get off the Cross, We Need the Wood, cont. – The results are in! The most put-upon people in the entire history of the United States and probably the World, the Xristian Xrazies held a poll (heh) and voted on the worst anti-Xristian Acts of 2013 (Martyrs Edition), and now it can be told! (Defend Christians)
  • Applause – The Southern Poverty Law Center-designated Hate Group The Family Research Council is very pleased with the activist Supreme Court for finally stopping the ‘Mos from marryin’ in Utah.
  • Finally, Coach Dave gets to the root of it all: American Men have become effeminized because they are being trained by women.

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2 Responses to Happy Hour News Briefs

  1. roket says:

    Stoning homosexuals? Not sure if I’ve ever read or heard about that one. I’m thinking more like adulterers, thief’s, prostitutes and people who eat lobsters. Now that’s the ticket


  2. lambchop says:

    What language is that feminazi schoolmarm writing with on the chalkboard behind Dave? Is it middle eastern?


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