My coruscating contempt for extremely anodyne David Brooks

bobo tongues the world surreal

Bobo’s latest column sounds like a plea for help, so of course I won’t give him any. He gets paid for this:

Within a few years, though, his mood has shifted from smarm to snark. There is no writer so obscure as a 26-year-old writer. So he is suddenly consumed by ambition anxiety — the desperate need to prove that he is superior in sensibility to people who are superior to him in status. Soon he will be writing blog posts marked by coruscating contempt for extremely anodyne people: “Kelly Clarkson: Satan or Merely His Spawn?”

My guess is that the divorce negotiations are not going well. David Brooks is not really my beat and I bow humbly to my betters…

UPDATE 1: As with all things Brooksian there is only one expert: Driftglass who has made throughout his blogging career a study of the major asshole, er, David Brooks. He should be getting his doctorate any day.

UPDATE 2: Mr. Charles Pierce at Esquire, long rumored to be cribbing Driftglass’ Brooks gig, takes a mighty swing at the bloviating piñata, and delivers several blows that should make the kiddies squeal with delight as they are showered with candy.

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7 Responses to My coruscating contempt for extremely anodyne David Brooks

  1. roket says:

    “Little boys and girls in ancient Athens grew up wanting to be philosophers.”

    The world according to David Fucking Brooks never existed, does not exist and will never exist. That is because David Fucking Brooks lives in a world of his own making. Replace ‘thought leader’ with ‘wordsmith’ in this most stupid of pieces and you will see that David Fucking Brooks is simply projecting once again.


  2. purplehead says:

    Speaking of hacks, TG, have you been reading Alex Pareene’s “Hack List 10 for 2013”? No. 8 is right up your alley! I don’t know how he will survive writing 10 of these. He deserves a huge award.


    • tengrain says:

      Parene writes the hack list every year, but this is the first year he’s tried writing it as the hacks. As the Internet’s expert on Bacardi’s Lifetime Achievement Winner Peggy Noonan, well, I think he misses her finer points of messing up dependent and independent clauses—often in the same sentence—and he neglected the Mai Tai entirely. My guess is that there were lawyers involved.




  3. PIssed in NYC says:

    In Pareene’s defense, there is no way he could channel Nooners as frighteningly as you do. That said, you know his targets must be seething with anger. Getting on his list has to be as much as an insult as was foisted on former stars who were surprised on “This is Your LIfe.” No one who was currently famous or had a viable career was on that show. I recall seeing a few of them, and in one a former starlet who was just surprised by the host had a look of absolute horror on her face. She knew what it meant–she was now officially irrelevant–as do Pareene’s listees. Good. I hope it burns.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Native Americans were right. White man speaks with forked tongue.


  5. purplehead says:

    Oh, and of course! David Hack-Brooks is Pareene’s No. 4! Who could possibly top him as No. 1 or No. 2 (and I don’t mean the bodily excretions, er, well, no, maybe I do)>? This is very full of suspense!


  6. Paul Avery says:

    “Not armed with fascinating ideas but with the desire to have some..”
    The kid is one-up on you there, Davy. Not only are you devoid of any ideas even remotely fascinating, you consistently display no desire whatsoever to have any.


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