Obama touched a commie!

ABC tells us…

Obama stopped to shake Castro’s hand as he was walking to the podium to pay tribute to Mandela. The handshake between the presidents of the long-estranged Cold War rivals came at a ceremony honoring the life and legacy of the former South African leader at a soccer stadium in Johannesburg.

…which of course is reported at Breitbart as:

Obama campaigned in 2007-8 on a promise to meet American enemies “without preconditions,” and met and embraced the late Hugo Chávez of Venezuela in 2009. He has also pushed for negotiations with the Iranian regime–long before the current “moderate” president took power. President Obama seemed pleased to meet Castro, who also spoke at the memorial, and the handshake was broadcast live on television worldwide.

The only question remains: What does Jennifer Rubin say?

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10 Responses to Obama touched a commie!

  1. “I touched a commie….and I liked it!”


  2. Abu Scooter says:

    Obama touched somebody with the cooties! Oh, noes!


  3. Nangleator says:

    As long as he didn’t touch his “missile.” That would have been a crisis!


  4. Grung_e_Gene says:

    But, how did it happen??? Because like repeals like and we all know that Obama is the Most Communistic person since John ‘I am the Walrus’ Lenin!!!


  5. Jim H. says:

    Good for him. And possibly good for us.


  6. Captbatguano says:

    He’ll never wash all that communism off of his hand. FOX won’t let him.


  7. reamus says:

    I think he does these things just to piss off the wing nuts…He and Bill probably had a good laugh about it…I mean he shook the hand of a dying ex-dictator so WTF? Am I to get all sweaty and upset about that? I think not.


  8. PIssed in NYC says:

    Let’s hope a little socialism rubbed off. No, we’re not that lucky. I read parts of his speech via tweets. It would have been much more powerful if he actually believed what he said. Oh well.


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